Clarence White

Clarence White on "Bakersfield's Big Guitars"

I think that Clarence played on all tracks. "Hong Kong Hillbilly" is the original version of famous Byrds's song "Nashville west"!
Another version of "Buckshot" is heard on the record "The Bakersfield Five".
I think that "The Bakersfield Five" is Clarence's group.
"Taff and Stringy" is one of Clarence's single hit from the "Bakersfield international" label (BIP-1003. another version) and another version is heard on "The Modern Country Friends : Country Politan" and The Nasheville West's LP "Nashville West"(Sierra/Briar SRS-8701).
I intrduced this album on the "Clarence White Cronicles No.7" (NOV 1992) and on the "Clarence White Cronicles Online Newsletter No.7".

Remarkable the publish company "Maverick Music" and "Garpax Music"(is Gary Paxton's label) on this record and others.

                                                              Koji Kihara 

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