Clarence White

Clarence White on "The Bakersfield Five"

This album was released 1969 (Alshire S-5123).
Great guitar inst album of Clarence.
Clarence had overdubed his guitar plays ( electric & acoustic ) on these trucks.
Clarence was cutting a solo guitar inst album (1st electric guitar album?!) for the Bakersfield International label, but they say it's un-released.
But I think that those takes had been released, and these takes of this album are them.

"Buckaroo" is the theme-tune of Buck Owens or his backband "Buckaroos".
"Buckaroo" was one of Clarence's favourite number, He'd played often it on the Byrds stage.
But highlight of this album is hotest bending tune (early string bender play ?) "Tool Pusher"!

     Koji Kihara 

--- Look and Listen both "Buckaroo" !

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