Gary and Vicki,


Great and Happy News!
You can run but you can't hide!

Good Morning Koji,

Your birthday was yesterday so Gary and I send birthday greetings to you - our favorite

person around the world! Gary has a a package he wants to send you so we need your correct mailing address.

Please e-mail it to us asap.

Also, Gary is putting some new things on the web-site that you'll be interested in.

He is wanting to send you alot of new material.

We appreciate and love you very much Koji. You are an angel that the Lord sent to us!

We got married on Valentines Day 2-14-02. Hope to send some pictures to you real soon.

Remember, that NOW is the time for JOY!!!! JESUS is JOY!!

In HIS Service,

Gary S. Paxton and Miss Vicki Sue


Gary, Vicki, and little gary

Koji see attachment! Thanks, Vicki

Mail from Eric Predoehl


Vicki, Koji- Here's a little email newsletter from my friend David Gross, who works with the Grateful Dead organization. Note the "Alley Oop" reference. Oh, and happy ALLEY OOP DAY!!!! ep ---------- > From: > Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 21:04:56 -0700 > To: Recipient List Suppressed:; > Subject: *** Punmaster's MusicWire 2000 - Tuesday, July 11, 2000 *** > > +--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+| |--+ > > P U N M A S T E R' S M U S I C W I R E b y D a v i d G r o s s > > "A trusted source in music news since 1873" > > Made possible by your support > > July 11, 2000 > > +--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+ > > The MusicWire is back!!! > > > > Bob Dylan: "I was talking to Neil Young yesterday and he said to me, he said, > 'Bob, you just can't hear cool music on the radio anymore,' and I > says to Neil, I says, 'Sure, you just need to stick your radio in the > refrigerator.'" > > Bob Dylan, it would seem, has got jokes. Jokes like "My ex-wife left > me again. She's a tennis player. Love means nothing to her." Ouch. > The Web site is looking for other examples of > Dylan's sparkling > between-song wit. Examples like "I almost didn't make it tonight. I had a flat > tire ... there was a fork in the road." Ouch again. If you remember any > rib-ticklers from your last Dylan show, email them to > OK, Bob, here's your final chance. At one gig > where he was supported by Joan Osborne, Bob mumbled from the stage, > "I'd also like to thank Joan Osborne; Joan and I are gonna sing a > song ... but not tonight." Good night and thank you. > ______________________________________________________________________ > > Pete Townshend has certainly been talking up the current Who tour. Now he > admits to Newsday that he represents rock in its dotage. "I thought that > rock'n'roll was a different form of show business," he said. "I thought it > unlocked something different about the human spirit and the artistic > process. And of course it didn't." > ______________________________________________________________________ > > Britney Spears has confirmed that marriage to England's studular Prince > William > is an option. "Marry Prince William?" she said when asked by The Sun's Emma > Jones, described as a "New Bizarre Deputy Editor." "I'd love that. > After all, who wouldn't want to be a princess? It's kind of hard to > resist him as cute as he is." To the manor born, Britney? > > The 18-year-old global pop phenom confessed she had sent the future king "some > signed photographs. "I was like, 'I hope you got your pictures and I hope you > like them.' And one of his people wrote back and thanked me for them." > > So far, there's been no actual canoodling with the aristocrat. But > Britney thinks they'd get along pretty well: "I'm glad he seems like > a normal guy and I can sympathize with him. It's a major production > when I want to go out, so I can only imagine what it would be like > for him. I think I would understand more than most people how hard it > is." But what about the fox hunting? > ______________________________________________________________________ > > Oasis is a band again as Noel Gallagher reunites with Liam onstage > over the weekend. But Oasis' singer has separated from his wife, > actress Patsy Kensit, after three years of marriage. > ______________________________________________________________________ > > > This Day in Music History > > > 41 years ago Joan Baez makes her first recording, a duet with Bob > Gibson, recorded live at the Newport Folk Festival. (1959) > > 40 years ago Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora is born. (1960) > > 40 years ago Singer/songwriter Suzanne Vega is born. (1960) > > 36 years ago The Supremes' "Where Did Our Love Go?" is released and > enters the Hot 100. It stays on the charts for 14 weeks and becomes > the group's first number one hit. (1964) > > 36 years ago Bobby Freeman's last big hit, "C'mon and Swim" makes it > into the Hot 100. It will peak at number five. (1964) > > 33 years ago A day after leaving the New Christy Minstrels, Kenny > Rogers forms his own band, The First Edition. (1967) > > 31 years ago David Bowie's single, "Space Oddity", is released to > coincide with the first lunar landing. (1969) > > 30 years ago The Who's "Summertime Blues" is released. (1970) > > 26 years ago The Grateful Dead receive two gold records for albums > they released in 1970, "Workingman's Dead" and "American Beauty." > (1974) > > 23 years ago Gregg Allman and Cher become parents to Elijah Blue. (1977) > > 21 years ago Neil Young's concert film, "Rust Never Sleeps," debuts > at the Bruin Theatre in Westwood, CA. The movie is a documentary of > his last U.S. tour. The LP of the same name is released > simultaneously. (1979) > > 5 years ago R.E.M. bass player Mike Mills undergoes emergency > intestinal surgery in Germany. R.E.M. was in the midst of a European > tour and had to cancel seven shows. (1995) > > > JULY 11 Birthdays > > 1951, Bonnie Pointer, singer, The Pointer Sisters, (1984 UK Number 2 > single 'Automatic'). > > 1957, Pete Murphy, vocals, Bauhaus, (1982 UK Number 15 single 'Ziggy > Stardust'), and solo. > > > And On This Day In... > > 1960, Hollywood Argyles went to Number One on the US singles chart > with 'Alley Oop', it made Number 24 in the UK. > > 1969, The Rolling Stones released the single 'Honky Tonk Women', a US > and UK Number One. > > 1970, 'Self Portrait' gave Bob Dylan his fifth UK Number One album. > > 1970, Three Dog Night started a two-week run at Number One in the US > with their version of the Randy Newman song 'Mama Told Me Not To > Come', it made Number Three in the UK. Also later a hit for Tom Jones > with Stereophonics. > > 1981, The Specials had their second and final Number One single with > 'Ghost Town'. > > 1987, Heart started a three-week run at Number One on the US singles > chart with 'Alone', it made Number One in the UK. > > 1991, Roger Christian died, he had worked with The Beach Boys on such > hits as 'Little Deuce Coupe.' > > 1992, a range of eight neckties designed by Jerry Garcia of The > Grateful Dead went on sale in Bloomingdales, New York; the collection > grossed 10 million in the US by the end of the year. > > 1996, Jonathan Melvoin, session keyboardist with Smashing Pumpkins > died from a drug overdose on their tour in New York. > > 1999, Ricky Martin started a three-week run at Number One on the UK > singles chart with 'Livin' La Vida Loca.' > ______________________________________________________________________ > > > On The Tube > > 7/12/00 > 2:30 am ET > VH1 > Ed Sullivan's Rock 'N' Roll Classics > James Brown, Fats Domino, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley, > Jackie Wilson > > > > > Punmaster's MusicWire > > A Trusted Source In Music News Since 1873 > > > > "The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long > plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die > like dogs. There's also a negative side." - Hunter S. Thompson > > "My general fascination with the bizarre can definitely be traced to > this movie." - Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia, referring to > "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein." > > "Television is a medium because it is neither rare nor well done." > - Ernie Kovacs > > > To order any CD click here: > > > > You may freely distribute Punmaster's MusicWire material, as long as > it bears the following attribution: > Source: 2000 Punmaster's MusicWire > > Please pass on free subscriptions to the MusicWire to friends, > associates, and colleagues by sending an email to > with the word "subscribe" in the subject. > Stay informed and stay in tune! > > If you prefer not to receive this informative array of timely music > news, just reply with the word "remove" in the subject. > > > *******************************************************************************************
Celebrating 40 years of ALLEY OOP!

Hello news media and music people! Here's a very special press release for a friend of mine. Spread the word..... my thanks, EP (of LOUIELOUIE.NET) ************************** For Immediate Release July 8, 2000 ************* GARY S. PAXTON PUBLICATIONS, INC. and TIME FOR JOY PRODUCTIONS, INC. are proud to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of the song, 3Alley Oop2 as recorded by the HOLLYWOOD ARGYLES. July 11th, 1960 marks the date that this song reached the number one position. For Gary S. Paxton, this song was one of his earliest hit recordings. As a teenager, Mr. Paxton had recently moved to Hollywood following a successful career as a singer/songwriter/producer in the pop duo SKIP AND FLIP. Arriving in Southern California in the middle of the night, he was about to run out of gas in the middle of the desert when he saw lights. By a strange flu4ke of luck, these lights were coming from an all-night gas station being manned by two youngsters named Dallas Frazier and Buddy Mize. Dallas and Buddy were sitting on top of a desk playing guitars. They recognized Gary from TEEN MAGAZINE as part of SKIP AND FLIP. They begged him to listen to some songs, including a little ditty called 3Alley Oop," a tribute to a popular newspaper comic strip, and a new alliance was formed that evening. After settling into his new accommodations in Hollywood, Gary began his new career in the Los Angeles recording industry. One night about midnight, Gary S. Paxton and co-producer Kim Fowley assembled a group of people to record Dallas Frazier1s song at a famous Hollywood recording studio (American Studio). This studio was next door to Lawrence Welk1s Palladium Ballroom and TV studio. Mr. Paxton supervised the sessions, with Ronnie Silico on drums (Lloyd Price), piano by Gaynel Hodge (The Penguins, The Coasters), Harper Cosby on bass (Gerald Wilson1s Coconut Grove Big Band), and Sandy Nelson of 3TEEN BEAT2 fame, who played percussion on a few garbage cans and provided the caveman yells. Singing background vocals was Dallas Frazier, Buddy Mize, Godoy Colbert (vocals for Richard Berry & the Pharaohs) and a tall redheaded woman from Long Beach named "Diana." Gary S. Paxton provided the musical arrangements and the lead vocals. As the session came to end, Mr. Paxton walked out on the sidewalk in the early morning sunlight, and spotted the street signs on the corner of Sunset Blvd and Argyle Street. As he looked across the street and saw the world famous Moulin Rouge restaurant he thought, 3People just won1t buy the name The Moulins." The Argyle street sign reminded him of argyle socks. As the White Socks seemed like a good name for a sports team, he figured The Argyles would probably be a pretty good name for a music group. Thus, the name "THE HOLLYWOOD ARGYLES" was created that day. This song became a smash number one hit recording in 1960, and has been featured in numerous record compilation albums, commercials and motion pictures including the 1978 box office smash 3ANIMAL HOUSE." Gary S. Paxton continues to be semi-active in the music business, as a writer, mentor and teacher specializing in Christian gospel music. He has an internet presence with his website GARYSPAXTON.COM working in conjunction with TIME FOR JOY PRODUCTIONS, INC., where you can learn more about his current music. Emphasizing music of a healing nature, Mr. Paxton chooses to avoid the typical music industry events. Having been misquoted more times than he1d preferred, Mr. Paxton cordially declines most requests for interviews, preferring to let the music speak for itself. ************* For more information, please contact: Vicki Sue Roberts, President of Time For Joy Productions, Inc. and Administrator for Gary S. Paxton Publications, Inc. fax 417-889-8210 email: or contact: Eric Predoehl, writer/producer for Eric Predoehl Media Services fax (408) 273-6988 email: *******************************************************************************************

Letter from Greg Crow

I wanted to share some information with all my e friends! I lost a very dear friend today in Kansas City,MO.Thurman Mitchell was not just a pastor to his people,He was a man of integrity who touched everyone he crossed paths with,Thurman was the person responsible for bringing me to Kansas City area and I will always love him for that one reason. He introduced me to Doug Atteberry,Who is now one of my best friends, I met Carnell Washington who is now someone I love like a brother,Brad Campbell a great fiend and a person who has helped me greatly in Gospel music, Keith Tribett,Kurt Rienke, And he even turned me on to Gates BBQ. I will never be able to repay Bob Dixon and Vicki Roberts for introducing me to this great man of GOD! His friendship will be missed but the many things he taught me will stay with me forever! My list of people to see in Heaven has grown to include this awesome man of GOD.Thanks for listening! Greg Crowe

Letter from Jerry Don Bauer

Jerry Don Bauer Hello From Branson April 11th, 2000 Hi Koji, Vicki Roberts tells me you are a good friend and would enjoy keeping up with Gary S. Paxton and Greg Crowe. I've attached some pictures and will follow with our latest press release and newsletter. God Bless, Jerry Bauer, Time For Joy Productions, Inc., Branson

James Blackwood with Greg, Gary & Vicki

"These photos courtesy of Jimmy Lancaster and the Branson Daily News."
James Blackwood is the biggest gospel singer in our country.

April 6th, 2000 Press Release Contact Vicki Roberts Time For Joy Productions, Inc. Springfield, MO: Vicki Sue Roberts, President Branson MO: Phone 417-889-6918 Phone 417-336-1985 Fax 417-889-8210 Fax 417-336-4115 E-mail: As The Crowe Flies Birmingham, Alabama--Feathers are flying through the air as the Crowes migrate with frenzy across the United States. In fact, two coveys of Crowes and company are standing beak to beak and talon to talon as they duke it out for their fair share of publicity and name recognition in the music business. The scenario: two singers sharing the name of Greg Crowe, both with aspirations to make it musically on the national scene and both with well funded organizations behind them to insure they do, are locked in a battle for publicity and distinction. The dilemma: one is a country singer/writer playing the clubs and fronting well known country stars, while the other is a minister and sings only in churches and at religious singings and events. Both are well known in the music industry and geared for a national campaign. The problem: Christian singer Greg Crowe of Tuscaloosa, Alabama reports receiving over a hundred phone calls in one day when the other Greg Crowe went on tour in his home territory of Birmingham, Alabama. These phone calls ranged from fans questioning him as to when he started playing the clubs to others wanting to know where they could buy tickets. The country singer Crowe remarks, I think this just may benefit the both of us. Greg and I already know some of the same people here in Nashville and it seems in the last six months his name has been associated with mine several times. The gospel singing Crowe acknowledges the saying among press agents that publicity is publicity but only partially accedes to the old Hollywood adage, I don't really care what you say about me, as long as it makes the press. He concedes that the image of him touring the clubs is not quite what he had in mind for publicity and notes that this conception may not set well with church pastors. I do think my friends know me though, says the minister Crowe. The country singing Crowe has fronted such country greats as Joe Diffie and has had his songs recorded by many country stars; one on Doug Kershaw's latest album. The Christian singer is produced by Grammy and Dove award winner Gary S. Paxton, who has many gold and platinum albums and singles to his credit and earlier slammed onto the gospel scene himself with his smash hit He Was There All The Time. Gospel singer Crowe's last release When God Made You (He Was Thinking Of Me) recently reached number three on the Chicago/Rockford charts. GARPAX/Branson Records in conjunction with Time For Joy Productions, Inc., of which Crowes agent, Vicki Sue Roberts is president, are now shipping a duet featuring their Crowe and gospel singing legend James Blackwood entitled Ultimate Healing to radio stations nationwide. The Ultimate Healing project was recorded entirely in Branson, Missouri studios using Branson singers and musicians. Paxton notes that the Christian Greg Crowe, Vicki's company, and Paxton's companies are now based entirely out of Branson, and all three are heavily involved in the Branson Gospel Music Association. All parties acquiesce the duel is a friendly one, and when all is said and done, both Crowes may successfully travel that long and winding road to national recognition. Of course, that road is much shorter as the Crowe flies--that is, if the Greg Crowes have anything to say about it.

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