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These "home-pages" are included very useful and interest "Link-site", Let's visit each pages.
Koji Kihara

Miss Vicki : She was a DJ of "DRIVING WITH MISS VICKI" and Working now with Gary S. Paxton for the Lord.

Gary S. Paxton
: " The key-person " of late Clarence White, Grammy Award Winning,Singer/Songwriter/Producer.
He wrote many many wonderful songs, Please visit his own site and Gary's site on this site.
If you have interest about his songs, look the BMI-site and ASCAP-site.

Roland White : Older brother of Clarence, Famous singer & mandlin player of bluegrass music today.
...................Rare phots "The Country Boys with Bill Monroe 1958" and more.

LeRoy Mack's Page : Legendary the Kentucky Colonels member LeRoy's page, included some rare phots.

The Crosby, Stills & Nash : Histric group of the Byrds family. by Hans Veldhuizen

Home Page for ByrdsOnlne : Tom Thunder's Byrds Page. Guide of many Byrds web-sites.

ByrdWacher : Intimate Page of Byrds and Byrds Family. Included Nashville West & Clarence's page.

Gram Parsons Home Page : by Larry Klug. Greatest star of Country Rock, Clarence's Latest friend.

Peter Rowan : Clarence's fabulous partner of Bluegrass Rock side. This site is the part of next BlueGrassRoots.

BlueGrassRoots : Greatest Link Site for Bluegrass Music Fan ! Real lot of Bluegrass Home Pages.


Telluride Bluegrass Page : Famouse Bluegrass Festival information and other news by Marty Welch.
(C) Serephin Multimedia

Bluegrass Connection : The Bluegrass Connection's information and other bands or Festival news.

Northern Lights : Nice Bluegrass Band "The Northern Lights" Home Page by Linda Bolton.

The Byrds Nest : Big and wide Byrds site by Richard & Pam Russell. Included Clarence Page and other's.

Jonathan Bennett's Home Page : Jonathan's joyful Byrds and others Pages, Included Clarence Page .

Dr.Gary Smith's Page : Superb World of Traditional Music Page by Gary Smith.

Irish,Scottish,Old time
& Bluegrass

Reno Brothers Home Page : Ronie, Dale And Don Wayne's nice Home Page. .

The Acoustic Cafe : by Vicki Jones, Biograph of Tony Rice, Norman Blake, Tut Taylor,John Hartford etc.

Kenton Adler's Home Page : by Kenton Adler, included the official Byrds page, news, link and more

Nicklas's Page : Nice and joyful Byrds Pages, included Lyrics of Byrds songs and histry and more.

Larry Rice : New album (with Tony Rice, Chris Hillman And Herb Pedersen) is dedicated to Clarence White.

Buck Owens : Legendary Bakersfield country master, many rock musicians was influenced from his sounds.

Steve Kaufman : "Flatpicking Extraodinaire" Steve is famous for instructor of Mel Bay Pablications.

Django Reinhardt : Clarence love his soul & music and influenced,Legendary great jazz guitarist .

Mark O'Connor : Super picker of strings (Guitar, Mandolin, Violin, etc) today.

Jim Moss : Jim Moss(ex. High Country) up "The Web Magazine for Bluegrass, Country & Swing Fiddle".

Ishibashi Music : Music Shop "Ishibashi Music" guide you to many bluegrass scene in Japan.
...................ISHIBASHI Presents / '97 Summer NAMM Report, many string-bender on the show.

West coast rock : Minoru Sasaki's "West coast rock " music site and other.Japanese only.

Blueridge : Tsuneo Hirota's musical Instrument site include many phots (Clarence's D18 !). Japanese only.

Mandlin Land : Kouichi Matsumoto's Bluegrass music and mandlin site and other.Japanese only.

Sierra Records : Sierra has released the various Clarence White recordings from before for a long time .

World Famous Buttload of Links Page : Jeff Wall's joyful pages include Clarence White page.

Gardner Guitars : Michael Gardner's "Parsons / White Stringbender" page. included sample bender sound.

The Bender Guy : "The Bender Style Guitarist" Dan Schafer's page. bender video etc.

The Stringbender : The Official Stringbender Page. Included many phots, sounds and storys etc.

Song Search : A retail CD store with a catalog of over 170,000 CD's, LP's. It is very convenient.


All-Music Guide : Greatest datebase of music and musicians. You can find Clarence's discography.

Here Comes A HeartbreakerI : A Japanese Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Home Page by Mayumi Abe.

Gib Guilbeau homepage : Thomas Aubrunner's new site include Gib Guilbeau homepage from Austria.

Leon Russell : Mikey's Leon Russell site include many rare phots like he played with Glen Campbel.

The Dillards : Official page of the Dillards. The roots of the west-coast rock or "Country-Rock".

Guthrie Thomas : Great singer song writer Guthrie Thomas's official page.

Jim Corey's page. : Web connections to The Byrds, collectively and individually, their offshoot bands, musical influences, and musical contemporaries.

Acoustic Guitar : Music magazine of acoustic guitar, No.66(June 1988) was tribute to Clarence .

Flatpicking Guitar Magazine : Vol.2, No.5(July/August 1988) is tribute to Clarence .

Northern City Limits : "This Canadian band has a great deal of promise" Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine.

A Bluegrass Company : Finland Bluegrass Band, They had played with Dudley Connell, the James King Band, and Slavek Hanzlik .

Vassar Clements & The Little Big Band : The official Vassar Clements and the Little Big Band website by Fred Bogert.

Sonny Landreth : Sonny Landreth(famous great Slide-guitarist ) site by "Sonnymann" Takuya.

BYRDS IN FLIGHT : Raoul Verolleman's new Byrds site, Raoul list up many unoficial records and CDs.
 "Clarence White Chronicles : online newsletter"  
Editor : Etsuo Eito, JAPAN@@

I have over hundred records that include Clarence's guitar play,
but I'm very busy now, so, I can't answer your questions or send
my message to you soon. Sorry, Wait for me.
But I'll up and introduce the records ( Clarene and his friends included ) on and on this site.
                  Koji Kihara : 
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