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Date: Tue, 08 Jul 1997 19:53:33 -0600
From: "Steve J. Holland" 

  Name        : Steve Holland
  E-mail      : holland@means.net
  Snail mail  : R1, Box 72, Barnesville MN 56514 
  Occupation  : General Manager of a nationwide trucking company
  Hobbies     : flatpicking and reading
  PC machine  : Windows
  Born        : March 7, 1958   in Moorhead, Minnesota
  Instruments that you have : Martin D1, G&L ASAT, Fender Squire Tele, 
                              Yamaha 460S, Alvarez classical
  When did you begin to play: 1971 
  When & how did you first hear Clarence White's music:  Byrds albums in the
        mid '70s, "Untitled," and "Sweethearts of the Rodeo."  Years later
        when I got into flatpicking guitar I eventually discovered the music
        of the Kentucky Colonels and Clarence's flatpicking.   His playing 
        still impresses me everytime I hear it. Whenever I need some 
        inspiration I just listen to Clarence White's guitar playing.
  Any comments : Great job Etsuo! Also, anyone that has any Clarence White 
        tab/notation, private tapes, etc., I'd be interested in getting a 
        copy or puchasing it. Please email me if you do.
From: jzatkin@public2.bta.net.cn
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 22:33:19 +0800

Dear Eito-san,
    I apologize for the delay in returning this to you. 

 Name           : Jon Zatkin
 E-mail         : jzatkin@public2.bta.net.cn
 Snail mail     : Beijing, P.R. China
 Occupation     : head of school
 Hobbies        : fingerpicking
 PC machine     : Compaq450/windows 3.1
 Born           : May 14, 1945, NY, NY
 Instruments that you have     :  1975 Yamaha FG200
 When did you begin to play ?  :  1962 (17 yrs old)
 When & how did you first hear Clarence White's music ?   : I was introduced
    to CW's music last year by my old friend and first guitar teacher (and 
    CWC listmember Phil Safier. Although I was in the San Francisco Bay Area
    in 1964-65 when he played at the Cabale in Berkely, which I frequented, 
    I never saw him there or even knew of him. Although I've long been a fan
    of Dan Crary, and more recently, of Tony Rice, I can say with certainty 
    CW is the finest, most innovative, most interesting, most accomplished 
    flat picker I have ever heard.
  Any comments :    The love I've acquired for CW's music has been greatly 
    enhanced by this wonderful newsletter and the obvious dedication of Eito
    -san and the many contributors. Thank you!!
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 00:18:42 -0400
From: "David A. Dugas" 

 Name        : David Dugas
 E-mail      : ddugas@mindspring.com
 Snail mail  : 94 Worthington Dr. Marietta, GA 30068
 Occupation  : Network Administrator
 Hobbies     : Guitars, Photography, Cooking (especially making home-made
               Ice Cream!)
 PC machine  : IBM clone - Win 95 and NT
 Born        : April 2, 1959 - Raceland, LA - I grew up in Houston, Texas
               (which I consider to be home).
 Instrument's that you have   : 1995 Collings Clarence White
 When did you begin to play?  :
     In 1965. When I was a little kid all the kids in my neighborhood played
     an instrument so that's what I did too! Most of them are still playing 
     music.I studied jazz for several years then I studied Classic Guitar in
     College with Aaron Shearer in North Carolina.I started to flatpick about
     1 1/2 years ago.
 When & how did you first hear Clarence White's music?  :
     It was back in the mid 70's that I first heard of Clarence White. I
     remember hearing about  him while he was in the Byrds.  I remember 
     hearing that he was a spectacular flatpicker! Some of my friends were 
     into Bluegrass and they would bring over his LP's (remember those?) and
     we'd trade off listening to BG and then jazz. I remember thinking that
     there wasn't much difference in the energy between Clarence's playing 
     and some of the finer jazz players. Different but on the same level... 
     Great music!
  Any comments :
     I think the newsletter is a fine idea! Keep up the work. I'd love to 
     know more details about Clarence's playing.I'm happy to see that people
     still appreciate his playing.
From: desmuke@monkfish.nosc.mil (Norman Desmuke)
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 11:09:33 -0700 (PDT)

 Name        : Dale Desmuke   
 E-mail      : desmuke@nosc.mil 
 Snail mail  : 2702 Crownridge Lane, Spring Valley CA 91977 (San Diego) 
 Occupation  : Software developer/programming instructor
 Hobbies     : Bluegrass, western swing, gypsy jazz, swing jazz. Study
 PC machine  : Windows 95
 Born        : 6/3/51   San Antonio, TX 
Instruments that you have  : Martin HD-28, Tele, Gibson ES-175, bluegras Dobro, 
                                cheap mandolin (looking for Jethro Burns A5), 
                                banjo and electric bass.
When did you begin to play ?  :  Age 14 
When & how did you first hear Clarence White's music ?   :  Probably on Andy
     Griffith  but much later after I heard Doc, Norman and Tony.  Probably 
     via Frets magazine. I got Appalachian Swing
Any comments : Thanks so much for the newsletter. 
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 1997 20:33:13 -0500 (CDT)
From: wmr@ix.netcom.com (W.J. Richtenburg)

 Name        :  Bill Richtenburg
 E-mail      :  wmr@ix.netcom.com
 Snail mail  :  23100 Collins St.  Woodland Hills, Ca   91367
 Occupation  :  Japanese Business Consultant
 Hobbies     :  Bluegrass Music, Attending Bluegrass Festivals, Antique 
                Cars, Ham Radio.
 PC machine  :  PC,  Windows 95
 Born        :  12-27-37 California (raised in Colorado)
 Instruments that you have :  Guitar, Banjo
 When did you begin to play :  
       Began learning to play the Guitar at about the age of ten when I  
       bought an old Stella guitar for $5.00 from the local 2nd hand store.
 When & how did you first hear Clarence White's music :
       A friend, Floyd Turner, had a friend Bill Lowe who knew Leroy McNees 
       and the Kentucky Colonels.  Bill knew them when they were the Country 
       Boys, and I believe Bill Lowe wrote one of the songs the Country Boys
       recorded--Kentucky Hills-- (Sundown Records SD-45-131).
       Anyway, during the late 1960's, Floyd Turner, Bill Lowe, Leroy McNees, 
       myself and several other friends used to get together at Ernie Botti's 
       house every week or two to play Bluegrass. I learned about Clarence and 
      the Colonels from Bill and Leroy. Occasionally Rolland White would Join 
       us and a couple of times Clarence came along. What a treat!   
 Any comments  :      Thank you for your continuing hard work to produce the 
      CWC Online Newsletter.  I have learned much from your work. I continue 
      to enjoy the music from the Kentucky Colonels recordings, and still 
      find it hard to believe Clarence only had ten fingers. 
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 19:58:57 -0500
From: Mark Curtright 

       Hello, finally! Sorry to take so long to respond to this
      questionnaire, but I have been out of town for quite a while and I am
      just now able to get all the e-mail that came while I was gone. I hope
      my answers don't come too late.

  Name        :  Mark Curtright 
  E-mail      :  mcurtright@earthlink.net 
  Snail mail  :  changing soon, will send later 
  Occupation  :  musician/songwriter 
  Hobbies     :  reading, travel 
  PC machine  :  compaq 
  Born        :  January 16, 1963   Kansas City,KA. 
  Instrumentals that you have :  Taylor 710 w/cedar top, 1938 Gibson J-35, 
         Telecaster w/Joe Glaser B-bender, early 50's National Dobro style 
         guitar, old German fiddle that was my Grandfather's,  and various
         recording equipment and amplifiers.
  When did you begin to play ?                  :   age 15 for guitar 
  When & how did you first hear Clarence White's music ?:   Not long after I
         started playing. My uncles all played Bluegrass and told me about 
 Any comments : Clarence White has had the most influence on me as a musician,
         more so than anyone else. Not in how I sound when I play the guitar,
         but in how he approached music with a commitment to integrity of 
         phrasing, tone, etc. The most beatiful thing about his playing is 
         his complete lack of ego, he never plays a note that isn't necessary,
         and when you hear what he does with a solo or a tune, you realize 
         that it was inevitable that the tune be played just as he played it
         to bring out the full potential of the music.  This is very rare, 
         especially in flatpicking, I'm sorry to say. Discipline, phrasing, 
         and humility are what I hear as I listen to his music. 

 Still waiting for more entries!   Thank you very much for your help!
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