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                     July 8, 1997    (Extra Issue)

                         Edited by  Etsuo Eito 
            Copyright by Bluegrass Workshop "North Field" 1997
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  Hello subscribers! 

    Firstly I do appreciate for my subscribers help, which made this extra
   issue possible. Please do not abuse this directory. I publish this issue
   just for mutual friendship & aid among us who love Clarence White and his
   music. Hope each of you to understand my real intention, and also hope to 
   send me back the entry sheets from the rest of readers who have not yet. 
   Thank you very much for your great interest!

Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 06:24:18 -0500 (CDT)
From: Sandy Rothman 

 Name        :   Sandy Rothman
 E-mail      :   srothman@flash.net
 Snail mail  :   1678 Shattuck Ave., #29,  Berkeley, CA 94709 USA
 Occupation  :   Musician
 Hobbies     :   Cooking, photography
 PC machine  :   Mac
 Born        :   Miami, Florida, 1/30/46
 Instruments that you have    :  guitar, mandolin, dobro, fiddle
 When did you begin to play ? :  Guitar: 1956-7, banjo 1959, mandolin 1963
 When & how did you first hear Clarence White's music ?
   Pete Berg told us about Clarence for the first time around the Berkeley
   music scene, about 1961-2.
   Heard live Colonels (Country Boys) tapes from then. I think I saw him 
   play for the first time in spring '64 when the Colonels came to Berkeley.
 Any comments :  Thanks, Etsuo-san, for being the person who cares enough
  about Clarence and the Colonels to keep on remembering them and publishing
  these materials for so many years. As I said once before, you are truly
  the keeper of the flame for Clarence White and the Kentucky Colonels.
From: "Dan" 
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 12:08:47 +0100

 Name        :   Dan Little             
 E-mail      :   dan@sci.co.uk
 Snail mail  :   n/a
 Occupation  :   Artist
 Hobbies     :   Guitarist (B-bender)
 PC machine  :   Dell 166 win95
 Born        :   18/04/71    Southampton , England
 Instrumentals that you have    :  Fender Telecaster with Stringbender,
                                  Banjo, 12 string, 6 string, mandolin
 When did you begin to play ?   :  10 years playing 
 When & how did you first hear Clarence White's music ?  
   First heard the album Untitled by the byrds a few years ago, since then
   i've been hooked on Clarence White. 
 Any comments :    Keep up the great newsletter, Etsuo!!!
From: "Tom Isenhour" 
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 07:43:53 -0400

  Name        :   Tom Isenhour 
  E-mail      :   isenhour@tarheel.net 
  Snail mail  :   820 Mocksville Ave. - Salisbury, NC 28144  USA
  Occupation  :   Retired 
  Hobbies     :   Bluegrass Music, Gibson F-5 mandolins, Collectibles
  PC machine  :   Mac  or  Windows, or others ?Windows 95 166-32 
  Born        :   July 9th, 1952 - North Carolina
  Instrumentals that you have  :   34 Martin D-28 , 2 - 1923 F-5 Gibsons,
                                   3 - Pre-war Gibson F-5,  3- Gibson Banjos

  When did you begin to play ?  :   Age 11
  When & how did you first hear Clarence White's music ?  :  1970
  Any comments :  First heard Clarence with the Byrds live in 1971 and have 
        followed him ever since. Fan of all the Byrds, Bill Monroe and  F&S.
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 07:49:33 -0500
From: John McGann 

 Name        :   John McGann
 E-mail      :   jmcgann@world.std.com
 Snail mail  :   PO Box 688, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130-0006  USA
 Occupation  :   Musician
 Hobbies     :   Reading , Art , Computer, Gardening
 PC machine  :   Mac
 Born        :   9/12/59   Morristown, NJ.
 Instrumentals that you have  :   Written many, recorded solo CD on Green
                                  Linnet; 3 Beacon Hillbillies CDs, etc.
 When did you begin to play ? :   1968
 When & how did you first hear Clarence White's music ? :
        White Bros. Live In Sweden (Rounder) led me to all other 
        CW recordings.
 Any comments :
  Clarence was a unique musician; a true bluegrass innovator and all-around
  adventurer. Listening to his rhythmic sense and phrasing is an exciting,
  emotional experience. The sense of surprise and fun in his playing is
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 09:09:12 -0400
From: Richard & Pam Russell 

  Name        :  Richard Russell
  E-mail      :  rrussell@q-net.net
  Snail mail  :  4935 47th Avenue West, #1312; Bradenton, FL 34210, USA
  Occupation  :  newspaper copy editor
  Hobbies     :  music, computers, travel
  PC machine  :  Mac clone
  Born        :  2/22/64,  Florida
  Instruments that you have     : -
  When did you begin to play ?  :
                 I learned I could not play at about 15 years old.

  When & how did you first hear Clarence White's music ? 
                 Byrds, about four years ago.
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 07:19:09 -0600
From: Phil Safier 

  Name        :  Phil Safier    
  E-mail      :  psafier@worldnet.att.net       
  Snail mail :   10825 Cordova NE
                         Albuquerque, NM 87112
  Occupation  :  sales
  Hobbies     :  taiji, photography
  PC machine  :  Windows
  Born        :  4-20-45      San Francisco, CA
  Instruments that you have    :  2 guitars, mandolin, autoharp, harmonica
  When did you begin to play ? :  1959
  When & how did you first hear Clarence White's music ?  : 
                 60s Byrds but, didn't know of him. Heard about him on 
                 Bluegrass email list in 1995.
  Any comments : looking forward to new releases of Clarence audio/visual.
                 Love Nashville West. Wish someone would transcribe.  
                 Enjoy CLARENCE WHITE CHRONICLES very much!
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 07:36:36 -0600
From: Cathy Bourner 

Name        :  Cathy Bourner
E-mail      :  cbourner@cyberhighway.net
Snail mail  :  7006 Rosewood Dr  Boise, ID  83709-1946
Occupation  :  Labor Market Research Analyst
Hobbies     :  Music, gardening, needlework (and lately, surfing the 'net)
PC machine  :  Windows
Born        :  08/22/61  Boise, ID, USA
Instrumentals that you have :  Piano, Guitar
When did you begin to play guitar?   : When I was in college--about 1981
When & how did you first hear Clarence White's music ?   :  Pretty much from
  the Flatpick-l newgroup.  At least there, I became aware of his importance
  as a flatpicker.
Any comments :  I have printed CWC 1 and 2 in my Idaho Bluegrass Newsletter,
                and I have had many people say how much they enjoyed it. 
                Keep up the good work.
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 06:42:01 +0000
From: Ed Rudolph 

  Name        :  Ed Rudolph 
  E-mail      :  erudolph@pacbell.net 
  Snail mail  :   
  Occupation  :  video on-line editor 
  Hobbies     :  old-time music 
  PC machine  :  Mac 
  Born        :  9-6-45  Cleveland, Ohio
  Instrumentals that you have  :   Martin D-18, Collings DS1-A 
  When did you begin to play ? :   1958 
  When & how did you first hear Clarence White's music ?  :
                I first heard of Clarence on Kentucky Colonels recordings 
                in the later 60's. The one time saw him play was at Carnegie 
                Hall with the Byrds in 1968 or 69.
  Any comments: Thanks so much for your efforts, Etsuo.
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 10:25:03 -0400 (EDT)
From: byrds@ebni.com (Tim Connors)

 Name       :   Tim Connors
 E-mail     :   byrds@ebni.com
 Snail mail :   3344 Dorchester Road,Shaker Heights, Ohio 44120  USA
                (Shaker Heights is a suburb of Cleveland.)
 Occupation :   Website designer, among other things
 Hobbies    :   I run the ByrdWatcher Website at http://ebni.com/byrds
 PC machine :   Mac
 Born       :   September 27, 1964,     Chicago, Illinois, USA
 Instrumentals that you have :  I have a keyboard, but I can only play it
                                with computerized intermediation!
 When did you begin to play? :
 When & how did you first hear Clarence White's music ? :
        Like many people, I first heard CW playing with the Byrds. It would
        probably have been the (Untitled) album, which I probably would have
        heard first sometime in the late '80s.
 Any comments :  Good work on your mailing list, Etsuo! I put a plug for
                 this list on my site, which I hope will help some Clarence
                 fans to find you. I would love it if your readers would 
                 check out the Byrd Watcher site, where I have a CW biblio-
                 graphy and discography.There is a lengthy Clarence profile
                 on the way. That URL again: (http://ebni.com/byrds)
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 09:42:49 -0500
From: Jeff and Lisa Dunn 

Dear Etsuo.
        How are you, my friend! Thanks again for all of your work and
dedication. We all appreciate it! Here is the information you requested.

 Name       :  Jeffery Dunn
 E-Mail     :  jldunn@pov.net
 Snail Mail :  612 Debbie Drive, Hermitage, Tennessee 37076
 Occupation :  Musician (pedal & lap steel,mandolin, Dobro, and 6 &
               12-string guitars-acoustic and electric)
 Hobbies    :  Anything with my family, although I confess to being a 
               Titanic buff!
 PC machine :  Windows
 Born       :  Yes (Ha Ha!)---1/5/55 in Normal, Illinois USA
 Instruments: (see Occupation)
 When did you begin to play? :   1963
 When and how did you first hear Clarence White's music?   :  The first time
       I heard the album,"Younger Than Yesterday" by the BYRDS in early 1967.
 Any Comments? :    Progressive and innovative music of any style cannot be
             made or appreciated unless great musicians of the past, such as
             Clarence White, are remembered for their history, lessons, and 
             lives. The trick, in my opinion, is to use tradition as a
             starting place for making music, not the ending place.
             Continued good luck with the newsletter, Etsuo!
From: VijayJBarn@aol.com
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 10:48:04 -0400 (EDT)

  Name        :  Vijay J. Barnabas 
  E-mail      :  vijayjbarn@aol.com 
  Snail mail  :  201 N. Edgefield Avenue, Dallas, TX 75208, USA 
  Occupation  :  Evaluator (Analyst) with federal government 
  Hobbies     :  music (bluegrass, blues, world music); soccer 
  PC machine  :  Mac  or  Windows, or others ?    IBM compatible
  Born        :  4/21/60    Ithaca NY, USA    
  Instrumentals that you have   :  1983 Martin HD-28; Gibson A Mandolin; 
                                   Alvarez 5-string Banjo; sitar 
  When did you begin to play ?  :  I first began trying to flatpick in 1979.  
                                   Ilearned my first guitar chord in 1977 
                                   (in high school in New Delhi, India)   
  When & how did you first hear Clarence White's music ?  :  Around 1979.  A
        friend who taught me the Lester Flatt G-run, and also some basics of
        playing bluegrass rhythm guitar, had a copy of the Kentucky Colonels
        1965-67 album.    All this happened when I was in college at Warren 
        Wilson College in North Carolina. 
  Any comments : I grew up in India, and had formal instruction in the sitar
        for several years before I came to the US to go to college (in 1978). 
        Indian music only has melody and rhythm--no harmony.  So there is a 
        lot of use of syncopation to create a tension. I think I was attracted
        to CW's playing because of his use of syncopation.


           Above is the filled out questionnaire.  Please contact me if you 
           have any questions, or if it was not transmitted properly.

           Vijay Barnabas
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 11:27:05 -0400
From: Stuart Jennings 

  Name        :  Stuart W. Jennings 
  E-mail      :  stuart@gamewood.net 
  Snail mail  :  Danville, Va. USA 
  Occupation  :  Electronic Controls Engineer 
  Hobbies     :  Guitar, Photography 
  PC machine  :  Windows
  Born        :  Jan 30, 1951     Danville, Va. USA 
  Instrumentals that you have  :  Martin HD28-VR, Fender Stratocaster,
                                  Ibanez Artist hollowbody 
  When did you begin to play ? :  1970 
  When & how did you first hear Clarence White's music ?  :
                 The reissue of Kentucky Colonels Appachian Swing. 
  Any comments : Keep up the great work.   

                                     (@ @)
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 10:33:26 -0600

 Name        :  Keith Smith
 E-mail      :  keith.smith@tlc.state.tx.us
 Snail mail  :  4210 Red River #217, Austin, TX 78751
 Occupation  :  Computer Programmer
 Hobbies     :  Reading, History, Dancing, Fishing, Baseball,Guitar Playing,
                Collecting (comics, baseball cards, old radio programs)
 PC machine  :  Mac 
 Born        :  April 7, 1965 - Great Lakes, IL   
 Instruments that you have     :  Alto Saxophone, Acoustic Guitar
 When did you begin to play ?  :  Played saxophone in high school.
                                  Started playing guitar about 2 years ago
 When & how did you first hear Clarence White's music ?  :
        About a year ago, I went to a record store to pick up a Bluegrass CD
        (I didn't have any at the time). I actually wanted to find a
        recording of Sally Goodin played on banjo. The only recording of the
        song I found was on "Appalachian Swing" by The Kentucky Colonels
        which was also a recommended pick by the store. I saw the blurbs
        about Clarence and remembered hearing his name from the Byrds (who I
        had never really liked) but I didn't know anything about his
        reputation. I was blown away by his playing (especially on Nine Pound
        Hammer, I Am a Pilgrim, and John Henry) and started to find out as
        much as I could about him.   I'm still trying to get more of his
        music, including the recently release CD of Nashville West (haven't
        found it here yet).
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 10:40:18 -0500 (CDT)
From: "Robert C. Mainfort" 

 Name        :    Robert Mainfort 
 E-mail      :    mainfort@comp.uark.edu 
 Snail mail  :    Arkansas Archeological Survey
                  Box 1249,  Fayetteville, AR 72702
 Occupation  :    archaeologist, professor of anthropology 
 Hobbies     :    music, science fiction, antiques, hiking 
 PC machine  :    Mac Power PC
 Born        :    Indianapolis, Indiana - 1948
 Instruments that you have     : 1949 Martin D-28, Roland digital keyboard 
 When did you begin to play ?  : around 1970  
 When & how did you first hear Clarence White's music ?  :
    Probably in 1970, in East Lansing, Michigan. A good friend of mine (and
    very fine musician), Jeff Tordoff, bought an "anthology" album of World
    Pacific recording artists that included the Kentucky Colonels,Tut Taylor,
    Scott Stoneman, and the "Folkswingers" (or some such -- actually, the
    Dillards with Glen Campbell playing lead guitar). At any rate,I had only
    recently become familiar with bluegrass and Doc Watson (I spent untold
    hundreds of hours listening to all of my friend Jeff's albums), and was
    totally blown away by Clarence's playing. As I recall, Clarence's breaks
    on "Pickin' Flat" and "Black Ridge Ramble" particularly caught my
    attention, and Jeff soon worked out the basics of "Billy in the Lowground"
    and "John Henry." I was mighty impressed and probably took up guitar not
    too long thereafter, although it was some years before I could muddle
    through any of Clarence's stuff.
 Any comments  :
     Although I am more interested in playing light jazz and accoustic rock
     guitar these days, listening to Clarence's playing, both accoustic and
     electric, never ceases to amaze me. On one of the 1967 conceert tapes,
     Clarence plays a couple of extended breaks on "Sally Goodin" that to 
     this day remain perhaps the most bizarre, innovative, incomprehensible,
     wonderful, and generally amazing minutes of guitar playing I've ever
     heard. Django would have loved it, too.
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 10:47:27 +0000
From: Bill Michell 

 Name       :  Bill Michell
 email      :  bmichell@wwa.com
 Snail Mail :  1237 Green Bay Rd., Wilmette, IL 60091
 Occupation :  Psychologist
 Hobbies    :  Piano, mtn. biking, book collecting, computers, gk. philosophy,
 Primary computer :  PowerMac 7500 w/ 120MHz chip
 Born       :  6/20/42, Allentown, Pennsylvania
 Instruments: dreadnought, tele, harmonicas, piano
 Learned to play  :  1967
 First heard CW's music : On record, middle period Byrds LPs; in person, at
                          a Byrds concert in Chicago around 1969
 Performances I have    : €Every issued Byrds recording featuring CW
                          €One Byrds live bootleg including a fiddle tune by
                           Clarence White
                          €Muleskinner CD and video
                          €Four or five Kentucky Colonels albums on
                           LP, CD, or cassette
                          €Nashville West CD
                          €Various recordings featuring CW as studio
                           musician (Arlo Guthrie, Maria Muldaur, Jackson
 Comments: 1) You are doing a great job; along with Roland White, you have
              put more CW lore in circulation than ever before available.
           2) Have been looking forward for many years to projected Sierra 
              CW career anthology. Assume it is held up by copywrite problems.
           3) Some day I'll have a string-bender. Clarence White's sense of 
              time and deep simple musicality, alas, I will never attain. 
              We are privilieged to have shared the planet with him.  
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 09:51:31 -0700
From: shubb@sonic.net (Rick Shubb)

 Name        :  Rick Shubb
 E-mail      :  shubb@shubb.com
 Snail mail  :  P.O. Box 550, Valley Ford CA 94972 USA
 Occupation  :  musical instrument accessories business (Shubb Capos)
 Hobbies     :  music, art, writing, others
 PC machine  :  PowerTower 225 (Mac clone), 8100/100 (powermac),
                powerbook 540c, 486 PC, others
 Born        :  Jan.11,1945, Oakland California
 Instrumentals that you have : Gibson Mastertone banjo (mid '30s), Martin
                D28, Nechville helimount banjo, Deering banjo, Tony Revell 
                guitar, Epiphone guitar, others
 When did you begin to play ?  : 1959
 When & how did you first hear Clarence White's music ?   :  first on tapes
     from friends (Sandy Rothman, Scott Hambly, etc.) Then live in Berkeley,
     California, at the Cabale. Was fortunate enough to play with him just a
     couple of times.
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 17:03:48 -0500
From: Cary Weaver 

  Name        :       Cary  Weaver
  E-mail      :       clarence@shelbynet.net
  Snail mail  :
  Occupation  :      Inspector of airplane parts
  Hobbies     :      Bluegrass and Country Guitar
  PC machine  :      Pentium 133, Windows 95
  Born        :      April 10, 1970, Shelbyville, Indiana, USA
  Instrumentals that you have  : 1992 Martin D-28, 1997 G&L, Telecaster
  When did you begin to play ? : 1990-1991
  When & how did you first hear Clarence White's music ?  :  I was listening
                 to Tony Rice's music, and he mentioned Clarence, so I bought
                 Appalachian Swing, the rest is history.
  Any comments:  I greatly enjoy reading your newsletter, I would like to 
                 know how you became interested in Clarence.
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 19:05:44 -0400
From: cptsoul@ici.net (Gene Goodale)

  Name        : Gene Goodale
  E-mail      : Cptsoul@ici.net
  Snail mail  : Brockton, Massachusetts USA
  Occupation  : Graphic Artist / Typographer
  Hobbies     : Music, photography, art, bicycling
  PC machine  :   Mac
  Born        :   5/8/53    Massachusetts
  Instrumentals that you have   :  Yamaha J200
  When did you begin to play ?  :  12
  When & how did you first hear Clarence White's music ?
                 From listening to the Byrds.
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