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                       May 20, 1997    (Number 9.)

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             <<   N e w s    o f    T h i s    I s s u e   >>

 * SANDY ROTHMAN, one of Clarence White's old friends, will privately visit
   Tokyo,Japan to attend his friend's wedding party in early June. This will
   be his second visiting Japan since last October, when he was invited to
   the fifth anniversary party of "Yukotopia", a Deadheads club in Tokyo.
   Sandy and I had wonderful several days together in Tokyo and Himeji last
   October. Wish we could meet each other again.....
 * LEROY MACK MCNEES, former dobro player of the Kentucky Colonels, recently
   sent me an amazing photograph of his wife's handmade colorful large quilt
   which is made from various bluegrass T-shirts including the Clarence White
   T-shirt that I designed and made by myself years before. You can see this
   quilt photo on the front cover of Bluegrass Canada magazine issued March/
   April 1997. Really nice design, and great work!
 * JOHN DELGATTO, president of Sierra Records, sent me a considerate promo
   CD of the Nashville West.
            ***  SIERRA has just released a new CD!!  ***

 [Producer's Note] :   This album was first released with the original Jim
  Bickhart liner notes on a Sierra Briar Records(SRS 8701) vinyl LP in 1978.
  After first being panned by the late rock critic Noel Coppage in "Stereo
  Review" magazine, the rest of the music world would eventually recognize
  the significance of this recording.  In 1987 "Guitar Player" magazine
  proclaimed it one of the "20 Essential Country Guitar Albums" of all time!
  It was subsequently released in Holland, England and Italy.  Not bad for
  four musicians travelling back and forth from Bakersfield to L.A. in a
  beat up 1954 Mercury "woodie" station wagon.
                                                     -- John M. Delgatto --

//                                                                        //
//                                                      Sierra SXCD 6016  //

//                    ______________________________                      //

//           #####     N a s h v i l l e    W e s t       #####           //
//                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                      //
//                                                                        //
//   1. Nashville West (Intro.)                      "I always come back  //
//   2. Mental Revenge                             to the Nashville West  //
//   3. I Wanna Live                                    album for a true  //
//   4. CC Rider  *                                           glimpse of  //
//   5. Sweet Susannah                                  Clarence White's  //
//   6. Green Green Grass of Home                      genius. It's true  //
//   7. Love of The Common People                          guitar genius, //
//   8. Tuff & String                                  a study in timing, //
//   9. I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water                  tone, phrasing  //
//  10. Greensleeves  *                               irreverence, humor, //
//  11. Ode to Billy Joe                              brilliance and joy. //

//  12. Mom & Dad's Waltz  *                               The rule book  //
//  13. Louisiana Rain                                   was left behind. //
//  14. Sing Me Back Home                              Every song played  //
//  15. Columbus Stockade Blues  *                     was another three  //
//  16. Memphis                                           minutes gained  //
//  17. By The Time I Get to Phoenix               toward the definition  //
//  18. Nashville West (Reprise)                         of country rock  //
//                                                       as an art form." //
//    * Unreleased Bonus Track                                            //
//                                                     -- Marty Stuart -- //
//                                                                        //
//   Produced by Gene Parsons & John Delgatto     (C) 1997 SIERRA RECORDS //
//   CD Mastering by Bruce Leek & Bob Katz             Pasadena,CA. 91117 //
//                                                                        //


    Clarence White     lead Telecaster electric guitar and baritone vocals
     Gib Guilbeau        rhythm guitar and lead vocals
       Gene Parsons        drums and tenor vocals
         Wayne Moore         electric bass and vocals

     Gram Parsons, Glen D. Hardin, Lloyd Green and Sneeky Pete Kleinow
      also performed in Nashville West but not on these rare recordings.
        Recorded live in early 1967 at the Nashville West club,
                                                   El Monte, California.....

                     [E-mail from Subscribers]
From: "Dan Little" 
Subject: Hi,
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 10:00:59 +0100

 Hi, Etsuo,
How you doing ?   Thanks for issue 8 of cwc,  can you help me?
I'm after the most comprehensive Clarence White discography,
including uncredited works. maybe you could print one in the next
issue of cwc.
Many Thanks,
Dan Little.
From: Editor
Reply to:

 Hello Dan,

 Thanks for your interest. We have a huge data of Clarence White
 discography. Hopefully I can print them in my future issue.  But
 it needs several months. Please look forward to it.

Date: Sun, 20 Apr 1997 09:04:10 -0700
To: Etsuo Eito 
From: sierra@sure.net (John Delgatto)
Subject: Re: CWC online newsletter #8


From: John Delgatto
To:  Steve Wisner

Clarence plays the stringbender on Notorious Byrd Bros. and Sweetheart of
the Rodeo recordings.

To: Bob Mainfort

The pedal steel album you refer to has been issued on CD by some pedal
steel enthusiasts.  It will be in the next Sierra catalog which will go out
in August.


John Delgatto
Sierra Records
E-mail: sierra@sure.net
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 08:56:24 -0700
To: Etsuo Eito 
From: sierra@sure.net (John Delgatto)
Subject: Re: Jasico recording

Dear Etsuo:

Thanks for the web page information, I did download it and again Paxton
said he did not do it!  But in those days lots of deals were done and
people forget!!! I have the master tapes to most of these and more tracks,
to be used in the Clarence White Box set.  Probably at some point I'll need
a cassette to verify if anything is missing.

We were delayed in getting our promo copies out of Nashville West. The CD
will not be available offically until September when our new world wide
distribution takes effect.  For now, if anyone wants it they will have to
purchase it direct from Sierra.

Lots more to relate but I too am very busy moving to a new office!


John Delgatto
Sierra Records
E-mail: sierra@sure.net
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 1997 13:54:11 -0500
From: Mark Curtright 
To: Etsuo Eito 
Subject: Re: Test & Inquiry to the CWC subscribers


   I received my copy of the CWC#8 yesterday. Also, I am trying to get
some more information about the man I met (Bob Ensign) who played with
the White Brothers when they were young. I'll let you know what I come
up with.

Reply to:

 Hello Mark,
 Thank you so much for your great concern. I'm still waiting for your
 post about Bob Ensign. Am very interested in your story.
 Thank you very much in advance!

From: "Tom Isenhour" 
To: "Etsuo Eito" 
Subject: Re: Thanks for your reply!
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 02:21:50 -0400

Eito, Thanks so much for the CWC. I have wonderdered about how many times
the Ky. Colonels appeared on the Andy Griffith show.  It seems only one show
is shown on American TV all the time, but Roland White told me they appear
on three shows.  Do you know the other shows they appear on besides the one
about when the talent scout comes to town to record them for a record deal
that Andy does not believe in the boys making any money on.  I hope you find
out more about those Gary Paxton songs with Clarence.
 Your friend: Tom Isenhour.
Reply to:

Hello Tommy, How you doing?  It's almost three years or more(?)since we last
contacted each other. Anyway it's so nice to talk with you again.
As far as the Andy Griffith show, I have only one video of this 1961 show.
The episode is just the same one as you mentioned in the above. I also heard
that they had appeared on this TV ahow a few times, but I don't know exactly.
Hope someone of my subscribers might know about it.....


           T H E   M O S T   D E T A I L E D   B I O G R A P H Y
                                 o f
           C L A R E N C E   J O S E P H   W H I T E  (1944-1973)

                                               Data collected by  Harumi Goto
                                                         also by  Etsuo Eito
                                               Story composed by  Etsuo Eito

            ***   T h i s   I s   M y   D e s t i n y   (II) ***
 March    1962   Clarence saw first Doc Watson when he appeared at the Ash
                 Grove as a member of Clarence Ashley's Old Time String Band.
                 They appeared there for three weeks.

 March    1962   Scott Hambly,mandolin player for the Redwood Canyon Ramblers,
                 joined the Country Boys in place of Roland White who was
                 drafted in the army.

                 Clarence played back-up guitar for Scott Hambly when Scott
                 sang "Childish Love" as an audition for Flatt & Scruggs

 Summer   1962   Scott Hambly left the Country Boys.

 Sept.18, 1962   Recording session for their first LP album "NEW SOUNDS OF
                 BLUEGRASS AMERICA" at Sundown Studio, Whittier, CA.
                 Gordon Terry joined this session on fiddle.

                 They changed their group name from "the Country Boys" to
                "the Kentucky Colonels".

                 New Sounds of Bluegrass America is released on Briar Inter-
                 national label (Briar M-109).
                 The Colonels got on a regular TV show in Bakersfield,CA.
                 called "Big D Round Up" hosted by Joe Maphis.

April 21, 1963   The Kentucky Colonels appeared at the Ash Grove.

 May      1963   LeRoy Mack McNees left the group.

 Sept.12, 1963   The Kentucky Colonels appeared at the opening ceremony of
                 Bakersfield Civic Auditorium.
                "...the date is September 12th,1963 and the place is the
                 newly-built Bakersfield Civic Auditorium.....   As well as
                 backing-up Johnny Bond for a song < Blue Ridge Mountain
                 Blues >, The Colonles cut it up with some humor and fine
                 picking and singing on the traditional < Green Corn > on
                 the celebrating album."  (Country Music Hootenanny ST-2009)

September 1963   After Roland's return from the army in September 1963, Mike
                 Seeger and Ed Pearl had booked an Eastern tour for the KY.
                 Colonels, playing at such places as the Exodus in Denver,CO.,
                 the Retort in Detoroit,MI.,the Club 47 and the Broadside in
                 Cambridge,MASS.,the Unicorn coffeehouse in Boston,MASS.,
                 Ontario Place in Washington DC., and the Second Fret in

 Nov. 7,  1963   The Kentucky Colonels appeared at the Gerde's Folk City in
                 New York City for a week. A cut"Why Mother's Milk Is Better"
                 in the "Livin' In The Past" album originally comes from this
                 live gig.

 Feb.  1, 1964   The Kentucky Colonels appeared at the Ash Grove,Hollywood,CA.

 March 25,1964   The Kentucky Colonels appeared at the 2nd Annual UCLA Folk
                 Festival, Los Angeles,CA.
                 We can hear the two cuts "He Said If I Be Lifted Up", and
                 "Angel of Death" of this festival in the Livin' In The Past

 March 28,1964   Recording session for Tut Taylor's "DOBRO COUNTRY" album.
                                                    (World Pacific 1809)

 April 16,1964   Roland and Clarence White's private session  recorded by
                 Campbell Coe and Sandy Rothman at Campbell Coe's apartment
                 in Berkeley,CA.

 April 17,1964   The Kentucky Colonels appeared at the Cabale, Berkeley,CA.
       18        We can hear several songs such as "Barefoot Nellie","Hard
                 Hearted","Jordan", and "Shady Grove" from their Cabale gig
                 in the Livin' In The Past album.

 April 19,1964   Clarence White and Sandy Rothman had a private guitar
                 session at Brooks Otis's house in Woodside,CA, in the south
                 Bay Area, recorded by Brooks. The musicians were sitting on
                 the edge of Brooks's bed in an upstairs bedroom while a
                 music party was going on downstairs.
                 The two cuts of "Reno Ride" and "Durham Reel" in a Rounder
                 album (Rounder-0199/ ONSTAGE) originally come from this
                 private session.

 April 20,1964   Release of  Appalachian Swing.  (World Pacific 1821)

 May      1964   The Kentucky Colonels started for Eastern tour.
                 Jerry Garcia and Sandy Rothman went along with them in
                 Jerry's white 1961 Corvair.
                 Clarence ran over his own guitar (his D-18) while backing
                 the Colonels' station wagon out of a driveway just before
                 the this tour. (Clarence left the pieces at Herb David's
                 guitar shop in Ann Arbor,Michigan on thier Eastern tour.)

 July 2-4,1964   The Kentucky Colonels appeared at the Club 47,Cambridge.

 July 23-26'64   The Kentucky Colonels appeared at Newport Folk Festival,
                 in Rhode Island.    "Long Journey Home" (Vanguard VCD77004)

 Early August    The Colonels appeared at the Foghorn club in Baltimore, MD.

 August   1964   They did jam session with Jim Kweskin Jug Band at Martha's
                 Vineyard, MASS.
                 Another day they appeared at the Gaslight in New York City,
                 where David Grisman joined the group in place of Roland
                 White for a week.

                 The Kentucky Colonels and Sandy Rothman stayed at Annie
                 Johnston's house in Cambridge,MA. during that summer.

 Fall     1964   They came back to L.A., and they made the club circuit in

 November 1964   The Kentucky Colonels made their last appearence in the Bay
                 Area in November.

 Nov. 13, 1964   They appeared at  Fugazi Hall in the North Beach district
                 of San Francisco,CA.
 Nov. 15, 1964   They appeared at the Comedia Theatre in Palo Alto, CA.
                 Jerry Garcia did the MC work, introducing the Kentucky
                 Colonels. "Sheik of Araby" in the Livin' In The Past album
                 and "Bending The Strings" in the Onstage album were selected
                 from this show.
 Nov. 20, 1964   They appeared at the Cabale in Berkeley, CA.

 Jan. 15, 1965   The Kentucky Colonels appeared at the Ark club in Vancouver,
                 British Columbia,CANADA.

 Feb. 05, 1965   The Kentucky Colonels appeared at the Ash Grove, Hollywood,CA.
 March 27,1965   They appeared at the Ash Grove again.
 April 03,1965   They appeared at the Ash Grove again and again.
 May  1st,1965   Release of a World Pacific EP (The Ballad of Farmer Brown /
                 For Loving Me)
 May  05, 1965   They appeared at the Ash Grove again and again and again.

 May  15, 1965   Release of the movie "The Farmer's Other Daughter" (84mins.)
                 The Kentucky Colonels + Richard Greene (on rhythm guitar)
                 appeared on a movie film titled "The Farmer's Other Daughter"
                 as a back-up band for a country singer Ernie Ashworth.

August 9, 1965   The Kentucky Colonels appeared at the Cobblestone club in
                 North Hollywood, CA.

October 31,1965  The Kentucky Colonels did their last performance.

                 After then, Clarence got aquainted with James Burton,
                 Duane Eddy and Jimmy Bryant. It was James Burton who had
                 recommended Clarence to play electric guitar.

                 Clarence met Gene Parsons and Gib Guilbeau at a recording
                 studio for the first time when they had a recording session
                 for the Bakersfield International label around this time.

December  1965   Clarence joined a session for the Gosdin Brothers together
                 with Gene Parsons.

            --- To be continued to the next issue ---


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