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 [E-mails from subscribers]
   *  Re: CWC online newsletter #7           John Delgatto 
   *  lost Clarence recording?      Robert Mainfort 
   *  Hello and great work               John McGann 

 [Special Contributions]
   * "Life and Times of Tut & Clarence"             Written by  Tut Taylor
   * Air Mail from the author of "Wayne Moore" story        by  Steve Wisner

Date: Wed, 9 Apr 1997 10:14:26 -0700
To: Etsuo Eito 
From: sierra@sure.net (John Delgatto)
Subject: Re: CWC online newsletter #7

Dear Etsuo:

 Your copy of Nashville West is on its way.  Please get me more information
about the Jasico recording.  Gary Paxton claims he knows nothing about it.
We are collecting tracks for "Bakersfield to Byrd land"  which will have
all the Bakersfield International tracks.  Can you believe Clarence playing
an electric sitar on "Last Date"!!!!!!

Let me humbly correct two points in the chronology:  Clarence, Roland and
Eric were not born in Lewiston, Maine but Madawaska, Maine--everyone gets
that wrong.

"The Andy Griffith Show" was air on CBS television on Monday nights at 9:30
PM EST, 8:30 PM CST and delayed in the west coast to air at the 9:30 PM

Minor stuff but still important.

Best regards,

John Delgatto
Sierra Records

Hello John,

Many thanks for your corrections and detailed infomation for the chronology!

 Well,I do have the Jasico album "Guitar Country",which surely contains some
recordings by Clarence White,and which also contains Gary Paxton's materials.
The album notes says;"Gary Paxton's HONKY TONK and TUFF AND STRINGY presents
a fresh approach to these universally accepted favorites..."  And also, it
notes; Demonstrating wonderful versatility, Clarence White offers a richly
romantic LAST DATE which spotlights the wide, soundful and distinct range of
the SITAR.  Highlight for many listnenners is sure to be the masterful
soloing of HONG CONG HILLBILLY.....  (Written by Jimmy Thomason)

 So I am wondering why "Gary Paxton claims he knows nothing about it." Would
you please ask him again about this omnibus album ?  Hopefully, you'll solve
this mystery. As long as I hear HONG CONG HILLBILLY on this album, I am very
sure it must be the original version of Nashville West.

 And,there are still some other interesting recordings such as "BUCKAROO /THE
BAKERSFIELD FIVE" released by Alshire International label,which might contain
Clarence White on stringbender. The album notes has no name credit for the
band members, but it says only "...a talented new country group from the
growing city north of Los Angeles...". It might be the Nashville West band, or
it might not be "them". But, we can hear some stringbender soloings in this
instumental album, too!  This is another mystery album for me.

P.S Incidentally, It was the Alshire label that released first "CAJUN COUNTRY/
GIBGUILBEAU"(Alshire S-5121). And this album was lately reissued by the Ariola
label in Holland, as the "CAJUN COUNTRY / Gib Guilbeau --with Nashville West
featuring Clarence White & Gene Parsons"(Ariola 87 143HT).
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 08:37:00 -0500 (CDT)
From: "Robert C. Mainfort" 
To: colonels@ac.mbn.or.jp
Subject: lost Clarence recording?


I seem to recall that back in the early 1970s, I saw an album entitled
something like "Steel Guitar Summit", featuring Buddy Emmons and several
other Nashville pedal steel players. Clarence was among the back-up
musicians credited. Of course, this WAS during the early 70s, but I don't
think that I just imagined this record. Perhaps it could be traced using
some old Schwann catalogs.

Robert Mainfort

Hello Robert,
 I guess the album that you're talking about is perhaps "SUITE STEEL / THE
PEDAL STEEL GUITAR ALBUM"(Elektra EKS-74072) released in 1970,which includes
the four big pedalers Buddy Emmons, Red Rhodes, Sneeky Pete, Rusty Young.
 Clarence White joined the band on electric guitar as a back-up musician as
you wrote. We can hear the tunes such as "Wichita Lineman" and "Yesterday",
however, "Hong Cong Hillbilly" or "Nashville West" is never heard in this
instrumental album.  Thank you so much for your nice posting, all the same.
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 1997 10:03:34 -0400
From: John McGann 
To: Etsuo Eito 
SubjectFHello and great work!

Hi Etsuo-

I don't remember if we may have met during one of my tours of Japan with
Hiro Arita- we were in Hyogo in '86 and '92. Anyway, I just wanted to thank
you for making the Clarence White Chronicles available. It is so hard to
put into words the unique feeling in Clarence's music- the way he
controlled time and rhythm is so great to hear. This sense of adventure is
so refreshing, especially in a bluegrass context.

Anyway, I hope you are having a lovely spring. I hope I will come back to
Japan before long and be able to meet you. Thanks again.

John McGann   (jmcgann @ world.std.com)  Boston, Ma. USA

Hello John,
 I was little surprised to read your post. I didn't know you came to my
country with the members of BOSTON ACOUSTIC BAND when they toured around
Japan. We might have met with each other somewhere in Hyogo or Osaka....

 Now I just found your name credited in the liner-notes of Hiro Arita's
Strictly Country CD album "Whale Dance". Anyway thanks for your interest.
            +++    The Life and Times of Tut & Clarence   +++

  Here's an untold story written by Tut Taylor who recorded "DOBRO COUNTRY"
 together with Roland & Clarence White brothers over thirty years ago. I was
 always wondering how they had got together with Tut Taylor and made that
 thrilling Dobro album, and I decided to ask Tut to write about his memories
 on Clarence for the CWC. Many thanks, Tut!                     (Editor)
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 1997 15:47:57 -0400 (EDT)
From: Tut Taylor 
To: Etsuo Eito 
Subject: The Life and Times of Tut & Clarence

 I have been asked to write of my experiences with Clarence White. Which I
will do. First I must bring up some events leading up to this wonderful time
in my life. I became friends with Bruce Cummings of SLC Utah, past president
of The Inter-Mountain Folk Council (I think)....after all, it's been over
thirty years ago.
 Originally,at his encouragement I decided to do a Flat-pickin' Dobro Course
which led Bruce to Call Ed Pearl at the Ash Grove in LA about doing a 12-
String Dobro album. At this time I had already come up with and was playing
my own make, 12-string dobro. The first one. Later Ed and Rudy Dopera put a
limited number of them on the market. Anyway....Ed Pearl contacted Dick Bock
at World Pacific Records and it was decided that the folk-boom was up and
running and since the 12-string guitar was popular the 12-string dobro,
should be also. So WP decided to go for. Lo and behold, who shows up for the
session....??.....Glen Campbell....Brad(Bill)Keith....Chris Hillman...John ?
and a bass player. Glen was doing a lot of session work then...Bill was out
ther playing at the Ash Grove with Bill Monroe. I don't remember how the
others came to be.  Monroe was out playing at the Ash Grove with a young
picker( well..Kinda young ) Doc Watson.

 I think that it was during this time thet I met Clarence and Roland. We hung
out out there for about a week, and I, having finished the album, flew back
home to Georgia. May I say,that while I was out there I spent a lot of time
at the Ash Grove with Doc and he was gracious enough to play some with me and
Ed Pearl recorded it all. I still have that treasured tape. This is the first
part of the story.......next comes the actual part about the second album,
"Dobro Country".

 World Pacific decided to do another album about a year or so later. They
flew me back out there and lo and behold, up comes Clarence and Roland and
Billy Ray to record with me. I was astounded that they were to be a part of
it. World Pacific decided to call it "Dobro Country",Tut Taylor with Clarence
and Roland White. Which suited me immensely. I was out there about a week or
so and spent a lot of time (all of it when we were not in the studio). They
were playing every night at a little club "The Cobblestone" as the Kentucky
Colonels.  Roger Bush and Scott Stoneman were there also. I had my tape
recorder and taped most of the sets.

 During the breaks Clarence would be picking some and I taped some of this
also. I still have this tape. After listening to Clarence play , I finally
got up enough nerve to ask him if he play with me on my dobro tunes. I told
him that I would give him $20 if he would play with me. He said he would be
glad to do that. We got together at his apartment( I think ) and did it. I
was so excited and so selfish that I wanted to take all the lead and not give
Clarence any breaks. He had such rythm going that I guess I didn't want to
break the spell. However he did take a break on one of my tunes and I must
say it was terrific. We each had a track so it turned out to be a good tape.
It may well be one of the clearest tapes of his rhythm. However I don't know
this to be true. All I can tell you is here is this kinda small and short
young fella with the biggest sounding prettiest Martin guitar that I had ever
seen and I had it all on My tape.

 Clarence White was one of the kindnest, generous, accommodating gentlemen
that you would ever want to meet. I shall always remember the short time we
had together.  I came back to Georgia and Clarence went on with his music
career. I would hear about him from time to time and it always made me feel
good to know that this young fella was picking as good as ever and moving on
and doing his thing.......picking..... It's some nice memories and I'm happy
to share them with you....Glen Campbell went on to be famous...Chris Hillman
played mandolin on that album  and he went on to be famous (it's odd, but I
haven't met Chris since we did the album) I hope to..one day. They followed
their careers. Tut Taylor came home and raised children. Eight to be exact,
and collected 67 dobros....I guess I can't complain....

Tut Taylor....."the flat picking dobro man"...........

  Tut Taylor
 "the flat picking dobro man"
  1627 Lisa Drive
  Maryville,TN 37803
    **  Recent news about Clarence White's former musical associates  **

  Recently I've just got an air mail from Steve Wisner who is the author of
 "Wayne Moore" story contained in the back issue #3 & #4 of this newsletter.
 He wrote me several interesting up-date informations about Clarence's former
 music friends Bob Warford, Gene Parsons, Wayne Moore and Gib Guilbeau.  I
 think my subscribers also must want to know about it. So I put his letter
 out up to each of you.                                        (Editor)

 |                                                                         |
 |                                                         April 11, 1997  |
 | Dear Etsuo                                                              |
 |                                                                         |
 |  I hope you and your family are doing well. Thank you very much for the |
 | great  newsletters of the CWC. I appreciate you running the Wayne Moore |
 | article I wrote back in 1985.                                           |
 |                                                                         |
 |  Your readers are correct on Clarence's use of the Stringbender. I knew |
 | he didn't play the Stringbender on the Nashville West recordings  but   |
 | failed to correct the oversight when I sent you the article. I believe  |
 | Clarence first uses the Stringbender on the "Dr.Byrds and Mr.Hyde"album |
 | recorded in late 1968 and released in 1969. Do any of your readers have |
 | any other thoughts ?                                                    |
 |                                                                         |
 |  I have spoken with several of Clarence's former musical associates     |
 | recently including Gene Parsons, Gib Guilbeau, Wayne Moore, and  Bob    |
 | Warford. Gene is getting ready to do a tour of the Northwest with his   |
 | wife Meridian Greene but says the Stringbender business has kept him    |
 | very busy.He hopes to do some recording soon. Bob Warford now works for |
 | the LaFollette-Johnson law firm  where he is a senior partner in River- |
 | side,CA.(he also lives in Riverside). Bob does medical malpractice work |
 | and remains extremely busy. He has done little session work the past few|
 | years but did travel to Nashville in 1994 to play lead guitar on a Robb |
 | Strandlund session produced by Brian Ahern.                             |
 |                                                                         |
 |  Wayne Moore was very pleased about his story being featured in your CWC|
 | newsletter. He has some new recordings coming out.  The first CD titled |
 | "A Treasury of American Railroad Songs, Ballads and Folklore"  will be  |
 | released on Shiloh Records in May,  This CD contains eight different    |
 | artists but Wayne sings seven songs, some with Gib Guilbeau, and others |
 | with Greg Harris. It was recorded at Rick Cunha's studio in Van Nuys,CA.|
 | Wayne also has nearly completed a solo album for Shiloh as well which   |
 | may be released later this year. Eight of Wayne's original tunes were   |
 | recorded and released on a CD by a local(Albuquerque,NM.) singer, Rita  |
 | Mitchell.  Your subscribers may order Wayne's first Shiloh release      |
 | directly from Shiloh Records, 14902 Huntington Beach,CA. 92647.  (The   |
 | release number is Shiloh SCD 4097.)                                     |
 |                                                                         |
 |  Gib Guilbeau is now living back in Palmdale, California and underwent  |
 | triple bypass surgery a few years ago.  He is now doing fine and is     |
 | looking forward to touring again with the Burritos. The band will have  |
 | a new CD out late this year on the American Harvest label.  Gib said he |
 | ran into Eric White recently who was moving to Indio, California.  Eric |
 | is no longer involved in music.                                         |
 |                                                                         |
 |  One other note that may be of interest: I also spoke with David Nelson |
 | (a former member of New Riders of The Purple Sage) last week and he has |
 | formed his own group, The David Nelson Band. There will be a live CD of |
 | the band coming out on a Miami,Florida label soon. Nelson as you know,  |
 | was very much influenced by Clarence -- especially on the stringbender. |
 |                                                                         |
 |  Thanks again, Etsuo.   Hope this information is somewhat useful.       |
 |                                                                         |
 |                                                                         |
 |                                                         Your friend     |
 |                                                                         |
 |                                                         Steve Wisner    |
 |                                                         Maple Park, IL. |
 |                                                                         |


   Very sorry that;
           |T H E   M O S T   D E T A I L E D   B I O G R A P H Y |
o f
           |C L A R E N C E   J O S E P H   W H I T E  (1944-1973)|
           |                                                      |
           | **************************************************** |
           | ***    T h i s   I s   M y   D e s t i n y  (II) *** |
           | **************************************************** |
 is not contained in this issue because of the big amount of the articles.
 Please look forward to the next issue.                     Thanks!
                       *** End of The Mail ***
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