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                      February 24, 1997    (Number 2.)

                         Edited by  Etsuo Eito
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               C O N T E N T S    O F    T H I S    I S S U E

                *  Interview        with  Herb Pedersen
                *  Short interview  with  Billy Ray Lathum

               Both interviews: Courtesy of H.Goto & A.Fujimoto

   +                                                                    +
   +   << I n t e r v i e w    w i t h    H e r b   P e d e r s e n >>  +
   +                                                                    +

    This interview was done at the backstage of "Country Gold", the 7th
   Annual International Country Music Festival held at Mt.Aso, Kumamoto,
   Japan on October 15, 1995  when the Laurel Canyon Ramblers appeared
   there.          Courtesy  of  Harumi Goto, and also Akihisa Fujimoto.


   [Question  1.]   When did you Clarence White for the first time ?
         Herb   :   Summer of 1963

   [Question  2.]   Would you tell us something about The New Kentucky
                    Colonels' (The White Brothers) Europe Tour in 1973 ?
         Herb   :   I played banjo with them at the time until my wife who I
                    brought along was driving me nuts, and I unfortunately
                    left the tour, replaced by Alan Munde.

   [Question  3.]   Please tell us about Clarence's solo album recording.
         Herb   :   We were about 3/4 through the project. I was playing
                    rhythm guitar for him, when he was hit by that drunk

   [Question  4.]   Have you joined the session with Clarence White except
                    his solo album session ?
         Herb   :   Two albums by Country Gazette on UNITED ARTISTS label.

   [Question  5.]   Do you know something about Clarence in his session
                    player days ?
         Herb   :   Saw Clarence with Gib & Gene & Wayne Moore at the
                    Kings Lounge in Palmdale, CA, several times.

   [Question  6.]   When did you see Clarence the last time ?
         Herb   :   In studio, the day he was hit by the car.

   [Question  7.]   What is your memory on Clarence ?
         Herb   :   Great Player!  He had "Great Sense of Humor", and
                    influenced many players.

   [Question  8.]   Would you give us your comment to our CWC magazine ?
         Herb   :   Nice job!  Keep up the good work. I like the pictures
                    of Billy Ray (in the magazine).

       +                                                       +
       +  << a very short interview with  Billy Ray Lathum >>  +
       +                                                       +

       This few words of interview was also done at the same place
       on the same day of the interview with Herb Pedersen. Billy Ray
       seemed a very few words of man like Clarence White, as you'll
       see in the following inteview.


    [Question  1.]   When did you see the White brothers for the first time?
       Billy Ray :   1959

    [Question  2.]   When did you join Bill Monroe's tour ?
       Billy Ray :   1960

    [Question  3.]   Would you tell us something about the Eastern tour
                     in 1961 ?
       Billy Ray :   Tuscon, Arizona -- Retort in Detroit-- Boston,MASS.
                     Club 47 in Cambridge, MASS.

    [Question  4.]   Also please tell us about the Eastern tour in 1963.
       Billy Ray :   Same places as 1961.

    [Question  5.]   Also about the tour in 1964 ?
       Billy Ray :   Same.  Except Newport Folk Festival.

    [Question  6.]   Please tell us about Scotty Stoneman.
       Billy Ray :   Great time, All over USA.

    [Question  7.]   Please tell us about the original Colonels'last concert.
       Billy Ray :   The last show we did was at the Azusa Bowl in Azusa,CA.

    [Question  8.]   When did you see Clarence the last time ?
       Billy Ray :   The night before Clarence passed away!

    [Question  9.]   What is your memory on Clarence ?
       Billy Ray :   I miss him very much.  What a waist!

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