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      *  Re: CWC online newsletter #9  ...........  billyjo1@ix.netcom.com
      *  BGOCD-357 / KENTUCKY COLONELS ...........  sierra@sure.net
      *  BGOCD-357 / KENTUCKY COLONELS ...........  irv@delphi.com
      *  Clarence reissues  ......................  irv@delphi.com
      *  Clarence White profile; Questions .......  byrds@ebni.com
      *  seeking information on Clarence White ...  bledz64@earthlink.net
      *  Sierra web site  ........................  sierra@sure.net
      *  Re: information on my father ............  bledz64@earthlink.net

[ Special Contribution ]

      *  Michelle's Memories of her Father, Clarence White
                                               by  Michelle White Bledsoe

[ E-mails from contributors ]
      *  memories of my father  ..................  bledz64@earthlink.net
      *  compliment words from Sandy Rothman .....  srothman@flash.net

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From: MDarsillo@aol.com
Date: Sun, 6 Jul 1997 12:36:09 -0400 (EDT)
To: colonels@ac.mbn.or.jp
Subject: Clarence White

Dear Mr. Eito:

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that one of the greatest guitar
players that I have ever seen is remembered.  I had the honor of watching
Clarence White play a number of times from 1971 - 1973 when he was with the
Byrds. I can recall him and Roger Mcguinn doing their "pickin and grinnin"
acoustic set which featured the memorable "Black Mountain Rag."  What he did
with that Fender Telecaster was absolutely wonderful.

I'm still waiting for Sierra Records to release some vintage Clarence tracks.

Thanks for remembering a truly great guitarist.

A longtime Clarence White fan.

From: billyjo1@ix.netcom.com
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 13:04:49 -0400
To: Etsuo Eito 
Subject: Re: CWC online newsletter #9

Dear Etsuo,

 What a great publication. I'm telling my friends about it. We're quite
a pocket of Clarence/Byrds fans here on Long Island (N.Y.).
 I'd like to clear up one thing. In issue No. 9, John Delgatto of Sierra
Records is quoted as saying that Clarence played the stringbender on
"Sweethearts of the Rodeo." He did not. Bob Warford told us this
backstage at a Linda Ronstadt show and, as he relayed us this
information, he was playing the guitar that Clarence did use on that
record. That guitar had since been outfitted with a bender but Bob was
positive the device was not used on "Sweethearts." 
 My question for fans: Is that Clarence playing the fancy break on the
Monkees' "Valeri," and, if so, are those his hands playing the lead in
the video of the song, since Nesmith is obviously not doing it? Nesmith
even winks after the lead.

Thanks again,

Bill Sweeney,
Hicksville, NY
Return-Path: sierra@sure.net
To: colonels@ac.mbn.or.jp
From: sierra@sure.net (John Delgatto)
Date: Sun, 3 Aug 1997 11:16:20 -0700

Dear Etsuo:

Yes, I know what it is. This label in England BGO has been licensing
material from the UA/Capitol catalog here in the USA.  AND doing a poor job
of it from an audio stand point.  They sound like dubs of dubs, not
bothering to get the original tracks, even though they could since they are
legally licensing these tracks.  So the album in questions is actually
"Appalachian Swing" with two extra cuts (Scotty Stoneman) that I dug up
back in 1973 from the old World Pacific vaults. The then LP was called "The
Kentucky Colonels featuring Clarence and Roland White".  It was later
released in Japan on vinyl, the one with the brown cover-you probably have
a copy in your collection.

As you know, Several years back Rounder Records released the original
"Appalachian Swing" album without the extra cuts to make it more authentic.
It has a better sound quality then the BGO though it could have been even
better since they used a DAT transfer from the original three tracks that
Dino Lappas recorded.  I would have transferred the original three track
recording to 24 bit hard disc and mastered from there.  But then they, for
some strange reason reversed the left and right channels from the original
LP release of 1964!!!

Bottom line, no one as yet done it 100% right.

Best regards,  it's been crazy here,

MSI is releasing in Japan both Nashville West and the Kentucky Colonels
Livin in the Past at the end of August.  I don't think they will use all
our graphics.


John Delgatto
Sierra Records

Date: Tue, 05 Aug 1997 23:14:10 -0600
From: Les Irvin 
To: colonels@ac.mbn.or.jp

At 10:26 PM 8/2/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>  Does anybody know something about the Kentucky Colonels' new released

I found this at Tower Records in the US tonight.  It is actually a CD
version of the reissue of the Appalachian Swing album - the LP version that
had the two extra vocal tracks.  CDNow on the web also lists this as


Date: Sat, 09 Aug 1997 14:09:21 -0600
From: Les Irvin 
Subject: Clarence reissues
To: colonels@ac.mbn.or.jp

Hi everyone - 
I'm another long time Clarence fan and I thought I'd introduce myself.
I've been playing guitar for about 23 years and was actually inspired to
first pick it up after hearing Clarence's break on "Huckleberry Hornpipe."
For a year or so after its publication - I think I remember having Russ
Barenberg's book on Clarence surgically attached to me!  

I just picked up the previously discussed Beat Goes On (BGO-357) release of
the Appalachian Swing album on CD.  In my opinion, the Rounder version is
better sound quality but the BGO version contains the two extra cuts,"That's
What You Get For Loving Me" and "Ballad of Farmer Brown".  Also, BGO has
released on one CD (BGO-298) the first two Country Gazette albums - which
includes Clarence's wonderful "Huckleberry Hornpipe" break.  I got my BGO
discs from CDNow 

Love this list - good work, Etsuo!
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 09:09:01 -0400 (EDT)
To: Etsuo Eito 
From: byrds@ebni.com (Tim Connors)
Subject: Clarence White profile; Questions

Dear Etsuo:

This message is intended for the next digest of your Clarence White mailing
list. If you do not intend to send out another digest for a long time,
would it be possible to forward this message to the list separately, as you
did with your recent query about the new Kentucky Colonels album? I would
be very grateful. If it's not possible, I understand. Sorry if it sounds
like a commercial at first, but I think it's something your subscribers
will be interested in. Thanks for your help!


Hello Clarence White fans,

As some of you may know, I have a website about the Byrds called
ByrdWatcher (http://ebni.com/byrds). I have profiles of Roger McGuinn and
Gene Clark up on the site. I was planning to do Chris Hillman next, but
lately I have had a number of questions about Clarence, and then someone
sent me a magazine article I didn't have... Since I was immersed in
Clarence stuff anyway, I decided to go ahead and update the profile on
Clarence White that I had done a while ago and get it posted to the site.

I hope you CW fans won't mind having a look at the profile. It's pretty
detailed, three long web pages worth of writing. Inevitably there will be
some mistakes. I know that most of you know a lot more about him than I do
-- and that some of you were even there for some of the events described --
so I hope you'll let me know about any errors or oversights you see. I have
also revamped the page on Nashville West, which is much more detailed now.
You can reach these pages by going to the front page of the site. Or you
can append the following four page addresses to the above URL: memcw1.html;
memcw2.html; memcw3.html; and spnw1.html .

In the course of updating the profile, I had a number of questions about
his discography. I thought I might draw upon your collective expertise to
find answers to a few mysteries. Here are my questions:

1. Several discographies I've seen list two Briar singles by the Country
Boys. One is "To Prove My Love For You." The other is "Country Boys",
supposedly backed by "Just Joshing." I know from Koji's site that Briar
45-150 is actually "Prove" b/w "Joshing." My theory is that somebody doing
an early discography mistook the band name of 45-150 for the song title and
that this error was perpetuated in later discographies. On the other hand,
I read that Clarence liked a song called by "Country Boys Rock & Roll" (by
Don Reno, maybe?) so perhaps the Colonels cut a version of that song and
used the same B side again. Can anyone confirm or deny the existence of the
"Country Boys" single?

2. In the Goldmine discography the author mentions Tut Taylor's "Dobro
Country" album. The author also cites a slightly earlier Tut Taylor release
called "12 String Dobro" (World Pacific 1816, 1964). Does this LP really
exist? If so, are Clarence and Roland on it? If they are, why isn't this
album mentioned in any other discographies? Is it possible that there is a
reissue by this name and the number and date for the LP are mistaken? I
notice in a recent e-mail to ByrdManiax, Tut himself mentions "Dobro
Country," but doesn't mention any other LP.

3. Several sources, including the Rounder catalog, call Rounder 0070 "The
Kentucky Colonels 1965-1967", but other sources (including one
correspondent who said he was looking at his own copy) give the title as
"The Kentucky Colonels 1965-1967". Did Rounder correct the date on later
pressings? Is it different on the English version perhaps? Why the apparent

4. Does anyone know release dates for the Bakersfield International singles
1001 to 1008? Or the Guilbeau singles on Happy Tiger and Strawberry? What
was BIP 1005? What was BIP 1007? Did the series go past 1008?

I really appreciate any help you folks can provide. (I don't mind if you
send a copy of your reply to the list, because others may also be curious,
but please e-mail answers to me directly -- I can't wait to find out the
solutions to these mysteries.) And please let me know if you find any big
goofs on the site. Thanks!

Tim Connors

Date: Sun, 17 Aug 1997 13:37:30 -0500
From: Mark Bledsoe 
To: Colonels@ac.mbn.or.jp
Subject: seeking information on Clarence White

Dear Mr. Eito,

My name is Michelle White Bledsoe.  I am the daughter of Clarence White.
I was told by my dear friend,  John Delgatto  that you had alot of
information regarding my father,  Clarence White.  He told me that if 
I could send you an e-mail,  that you would send me the information that
you had about my father.  John Delgatto lives in Pasadena California,
and I live in Nashville,  Tennessee.  If you could send me that,  I
would greatly appreciate it.  If you would like to contact  me through
e-mail,  my address is;  bledz64@earthlink.com.


                                      Michelle W. Bledsoe
To: colonels@ac.mbn.or.jp
From: sierra@sure.net (John Delgatto)
Subject: Sierra web site
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997 08:10:32 -0700

Dear Etsuo:

The Sierra web site is now on line!  For now, all we have on our the Sierra
titles (covers not in color) but we have more to put on.  Please pass the
word around that at least it is a start.  We will put links in our pages to
you and your friend who has the page on Clarence their in Japan.  It all
takes time.

ADDRESS:    www.sierra-records.com

Best regards,

John Delgatto
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 1997 16:49:16 -0500
From: Mark Bledsoe 
To: Colonels@ac.mbn.or.jp
Subject: Re: information on my father.
 Dear Mr. Eito,
 I just wanted to say thank you for sending the newsletters.  I read them
 this morning,  and really enjoyed them.  I remember my father as a
 little girl,  but unfortunately I feel so robbed not being able to know
 him as an adult.  I adored my father, and there's not day goes by that I
 don't think about him or the rest of my family as far as that goes.  But
 it helps now that I have a wonderful family of my own and a terrific
 husband.  I just want to say thanks again.
 We'll be in touch.
  Sincerely ,
 Michelle White Bledsoe and family **
 P.S.  e-mail anytime....

 *****  [ "Special Contribution!" from  Clarence White's daughter ]  *****


         a real gem in the gold-mining of memories of Clarence. 

            Michelle's Memories of her Father, Clarence White

                          Original text written  by  Michelle White Bledsoe
                              Compiled & edited  by  Sandy Rothman

Hi, Etsuo,

I am so happy to hear from you once again. A photo of my father would be
greatly appreciated. Over the years I have had to move around a lot and,
unfortunately, have lost or given away lots of photos, for some reasons or
another...with deep regret. I have some loaned out, also, and I am kind of
worried about getting them back as we speak. I am hoping I made the right
decision in trusting this individual and hope he gives them back as he
agreed. Anyway, the picture would, again, be greatly appreciated. It is so
nice that people like yourself are trying to keep the memory of my father
alive. If there's anything else I can do, just ask.

As for memories of my father... I definitely do have them, even though I
was as young as I was. I was a daddy's girl, to be sure. I do remember the
warmth and sense of humor about my dad. By reading about his character, I
see a lot of myself in the way he was.

My mother and dad were completely in love, and hardly ever fought as you
see in so many couples, especially these days. They never had a
confrontation in front of me or my little brother. I can only remember one
time that they raised their voices to one another in their bedroom one
night. That's as much as they ever fought with one another. Their love was
indeed very special. When he was home, they laughed a lot together. I think
that's very important in a marriage.

I remember lots of trips to take Daddy to the airport to go back on the
road. I still remember that lump in my throat and that sense of dread I
felt every time we had to say goodbye. But then I also remember how happy I
was when I knew he was finally coming home. He always had a surprise for
me. Usually it was a little collectible doll or something like that. When
he was home, I followed him around the house like a little puppy, sitting
very quiet to get to hear him practice. I could only stay and listen if I
was very quiet, and of course, didn't touch any of the instruments.

I can remember very well the fact that he didn't like his voice and was
self-conscious of his singing. He also had a sense of humor about that too.
He I can remember him talking about how he thought Jackson Browne was going
to be famous -- that must have been around the time he was giving him
guitar lessons.  At the time I didn't know who Jackson Browne was. My mom
and dad also liked Willie Nelson's voice.

I can remember one day after school, we took a long walk together. At the
time, we lived out in the desert in California. He wanted to talk about how
important it was that we didn't litter. That it was everyone's
responsibility to do their part in keeping the earth a clean place to live.

When my dad was in L.A. and was scheduled to play at the Ash Grove, to keep
peace between my brother and me, we had to take turns as to who went with
him to watch him play. I can remember being upset, and feeling sorry for
him to watch him sweat on stage behind those stage lights. My aunt also
told me about a time when there was a mob of screaming girls that chased
and tore at my father out in a parking lot one night, and they had a hard
time settling me down. That must have been pretty scary for me. I guess I
just didn't understand. She said that I threw a fit and they couldn't
hardly get me to stop crying. I don't remember that one, but my aunt does.

I remember the little saying he had when he tucked me into bed at night:
"Good night, sleep tight,  don't let the bedbugs bite." When he was home, I
would want to sleep with him, so I would sneak in the bedroom and tell him
that I had a nightmare. He would always let me climb in the bed to sleep,
although my mother didn't appreciate that too much. I don't think his
intentions were to spoil me. He just wanted to spend as much time with me
as he could when he was home, as I did with him.

I remember lots of nights when we had company. There would be lots of
laughter and loud music, and of course food. They would party 'till the wee
hours of the morning.  Often someone else had kids that they would bring to
play with me and my little brother. We had a certain room we would stay in
and play.

My father also had particular habits I remember. He was taught never to
start eating at the dinner table until the person who cooked it sat down.
It must have been something his mother taught him when he was little. He
was a particular and very neat person. He was very picky about his clothes,
too. His favorite color to wear on stage was a creamy white color. I
remember sitting at the dinner table and after he ate, he would drum his
fingers on the edge of the table with a song on his mind. I often thought
that was neat. His favorite TV show was "I Love Lucy," which he often sat
with me and watched.

Ironically,  I always envisioned myself playing the drums. When I was
little, I thought I wouldn't be able to, because girls just didn't play the
drums back then. Now they do. I have been told I have a remarkable sense of
rhythm. My husband is also very musically inclined and can sing better than
anyone I've heard live. I keep trying to get him to make a demo so I can
take it to Dan Williams, who owns the biggest jingle company in the world.
It's a shame, my husband is too busy working to take time to do this.
Nothing would stop me if I had a voice like his. Maybe one of these days...
I am also going to get a set of drums when we buy a house sometime next
year. I am going to learn how to play acoustic guitar, if it's the last
thing I do.

I have to mention my dad's mother before I close. I want to express what a
remarkable,sweet woman my grandmother was. She was my favorite, and I think
I was hers too. I was almost as big as she was (being French-Canadian, she 
was a very small woman).  She would rock me to sleep many a night. I was 
very fortunate to get to spend a lot of time with her. She was very witty 
and she is the one that we all got our sense of humor from. I can remember
oftentimes my grandmother and I would be out in public and just look at
each other and get the giggles. We would laugh until we cried, over
nothing. It was like we knew what the other was thinking. We were very
close. I'll never forget her. She passed away on January of '92. She is
missed dearly.

Well, I am going to sign off for now. Duty is calling.  I have a four-
year-old daughter, Haley Jo, and a 2-month-old little girl, Victoria Marie. 
I have my hands full.  If there's anything else I can do,  just ask. If I 
happen to think of more, which I am sure I will, I'll be sure to put more 
together for you. My husband is also going to download everything that you
sent to me. He also thinks it's very neat.       

Again, thank you so much, and we'll keep in touch.


Michelle and family

Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 10:04:19 -0500
From: Mark Bledsoe 
From: Sandy Rothman 

Dear Etsuo

Oh, how I wish Clarence could have lived to see his grandchildren....
what a terrible, terrible tragedy that will never be anything but a tragedy.
I truly thank you for maintaining your passion, and for doing things like 
contacting Michelle. It's really great. Nobody else could do this, Etsuo. 
Not me or anyone. And I'm just glad I can help you.


                    *   E d i t o r ' s    N o t e  *

  Dear Friends,

   Firstly I extend my apology for the delay of issuing the CWC #11 to each
  of my readers. This issue could be done by an amazing contribution from
  Michelle White Bledsoe, daughter of the late Clarence White, and also with 
  the continuous great help by Sandy Rothman.

   It was Michelle whom I had wanted to contact with for years. So it is my
  greatest honor to hear directly from herself!  She kindly enough accepted
  my request of writing the story about her precious memories of her father.
  And it's Sandy who truly and entirely understands me and my real intention
  of making the CWC newsletter,who always encourages me to keep the Clarence
  White flame.

  And also I would like to extend my gratitude to LeRoy Mack McNees,who also
  understands my thoughts about his old friend Clarence White & The Kentucky
  Colonels, and who always shows me his great interest to the CWC in his 
  special way.

  Lastly it is just today that Bill Monroe would be 86 if he had been alive.
  It is a famours story that he offered a job as the guitar player for the
  Blue Grass Boys to Clarence back in 1967, but Clarence didn't take it. I
  often wonder if he had been a Blue Grass Boy, what Bill Monroe's music
  would be like..... 

  Many thanks to Mr. Bill Monroe who left us Bluegrass music,
                     and also to Michelle, Sandy, LeRoy and each of you !  

  Best Wishes,
  Editor / Etsuo Eito

  P.S   The Clarence White Biography-"This Is My Destiny (IV)"  is postponed
        in the next issue for the space reasons.
                       *** End of The Mail ***
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