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 [E-mails from the subscribers]
        *  CWC                                    
        *  Nashville West CD                      
        *  Clarenc White Discography              
        *  Hello My Friend                        
        *  Re: CWC online newsletter #9           
        *  CWC subscribe                          
        *  Nashville West   (from Wayne Moore!!)  
        *  I'm a Pilgrim                          

 [Special of this issue]
        *  Clarence  White's Biography     -- This Is My Destiny -- (III)


Date: Sun, 13 Apr 1997 15:38:17 -0400 (EDT)
To: colonels@ac.mbn.or.jp
Subject: CWC

Hello, Etsuo!   I just learned of your Clarence White Chronicles and have
received copies of Issues 1 through 7 through another subscriber.  You are
doing a great thing by publishing this tribute to Clarence.  Please include
me on your mailing list.  I don't have any stories to share, but I did have
the good fortune to see and hear Clarence and the Colonels play at the Cabale
Creamery in 1964.  I had never heard guitar flatpicking before and when I
heard Clarence play I new I was seeing a gifted musician.  As with most truly
great musicians, he made it look effortless.  I believe Clarence had more of
a sense of "music" about him than others, and he had the gift of delivery, as
we all know.  Keep up the good work!

Stan Wolfe
  stanwolfe@aol.com (h)  &
  stanwolf@scvwd.dst.ca.us (w)
From: StanWolfe@aol.com
Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 23:21:05 -0400 (EDT)
To: colonels@ac.mbn.or.jp
Subject: Re: CWC

Etsuo, I received your note.  I'll try to write something for your
newsletter, although I will have to reach back 33 years in my memory!  It
will take me a few days to compose it, but I will forward it to you when (if)
I can come up with something.


Date: Mon, 19 May 1997 09:52:31 -0700
To: Etsuo Eito 
From: sierra@sure.net (John Delgatto)
Subject: Nashville West CD

Dear Etsuo:

Nashville WEst CD is currently only available direct from Sierra.  It will
always be available through our mail even when our new distribution through
Hollywood Records via Polygram world wide takes effect in late August. They
are given us no money in advance so we have to still do it on our own.
However, we encourage everyone to buy now from us, one it is cheaper, two,
you can't get anywhere else and three, you are helping us directly so that
we can put out more Clarence White material.

Thanks Etsuo:


John Delgatto
Sierra Records
E-mail: sierra@sure.net
From: VijayJBarn@aol.com
Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 14:21:19 -0400 (EDT)
To: colonels@ac.mbn.or.jp, dan@sci.co.uk (danlittle)
Subject: Clarenc White Discography

I noticed in the latest CWC that somebody was looking for a CW discography.
 Here is a listing I found in Compuserve's All-Music Guide.  I don't know how
complete it is.

Also, is it possible for you to change my email address to the following:
 vijayjbarn@aol.com   I am currently receiving the CWC nesletter at my work
address (barnabasv.dalro@gao.gov) and would like to have it changed.  Thanks.

The discography appears below.  (It was generated by searching the All Music
database for Clarence White.  The comments to the left, Good, OK, etc. refer
to how the album was rated by the reviewer.

Best wishes

Vijay Barnabas
Date: Wed, 21 May 1997 00:50:06 -0400 (EDT)
From: LMMcNees@aol.com
To: CQL00071@niftyserve.or.jp

Etsuo my friend;
How are you ? I just recieved my CWC on line .  How can we get back issues ?
I have a friend that would like them all.  I do not have a set . Could you
e-mail to me and I will copy for him as he does not have e-mail.

RE; Andy Griffith Show.  We did 2 shows "Mayberry on Record" and another
    one which we just played some music in a wedding scene we were not on
    camera .Roland was in the Army by this time.
Date: Wed, 21 May 1997 01:07:28 -0400 (EDT)
From: LMMcNees@aol.com
To: CQL00071@niftyserve.or.jp

I sent my last e-mail before saying thank you and saying good bye.  I am too
fast on the trigger. Also I wanted to tell you that Herb Pedersen and I were
recording with John Denver today. Denver is recording an album of train songs.

bye for now.
Date: Wed, 21 May 1997 08:03:45 -0700
To: Etsuo Eito 
From: sierra@sure.net (John Delgatto)
Subject: Re: CWC online newsletter #9

Dear Etsuo:

To answer some of the questions in the latest newsletter.  Bob Ensign
passed away several years ago.  I met him in 1969 when I worked for Uncle
Jim O'Neal (Rural Rythum Records).  Bob and his wife also deceased can be
seen sitting in back of me in the audience during the Muleskinner Video.

No, the "Country Boys" only appeared in one episode of "The Andy Griffith
Show".  Roland may be referring to the number of times in the program that
actually appeared.  Some reruns have edited out the middle section of the
program which also included fiddler Curly Fox.

Or maybe it refers to the times they appeared on network television.  They
also appeared on a 1962 Jerry Lewis Special in color on NBC while Roland
was in the army.  I have did some video archiving work for Mr. Lewis in the
80's and found the program though now only on a black and white Kinescope
film.  They are actually are in the background as part of a group with Joe
and Rosalee Maphis and Bonnie Owens backing up a comedy skit for Jerry as
he plays a country singer in a talent contest.

All the tracks cut for Gary Paxton and more will be on the Clarence White
Box Set later in 1998.

Clarence actually knew Glen Campbell, James Burton, Jimmy Bryant, Don Rich,
Duane Eddy, Roy Buchanan going back as early as the late 50's.

Billy Ray Lathum has confirmed that Bob Dylan did stay with Clarence in
1964 probably when he came out here to appear on the Steve Allen Show.  I
have date for that program's taping somewhere--I'll dig it up.  Up until
his death, Clarence still had the original tape of "Mr. Tambourine Man" cut
by Dylan and Ramblin Jack Elliott that Jim Dickson gave Clarence before Jim
took to the band that later would be called "The Byrds".

Best regards,


John Delgatto
Sierra Records
E-mail: sierra@sure.net
Date: Sat, 24 May 1997 18:36:55 -0800
From: Your Name 
To: colonels@ac.mbn.or.jp

Dear Etsuo,
My name is Craig Alyn Buzzart and I am partners with Roy Noble in Roy
Noble Custom Guitars of California.
I am letting you know that within the next six months we will releasing
a replica of the guitars that that Roy Noble had built for Clarence,
including a replica of Clarence's Martin, that Roy Noble had fitted a
new top to. IF possible I would like to obtain a copy of your Big Book
on Calrence Whiter
Dr. Craig Alyn Buzzart
Managaing director

Roy Noble Custom Guitars and CB Alyn Guitarworks
5325 Diane Way
Santa Rosa
From: Phil Safier 
Subject: CWC subscribe

Dear Etsuo,

I was delighted to read that Wayne Moore lives only a few minutes away from
me! I looked for his name in the phone book but couldn't find it. I have
not found a contact for the band he plays in either. If you have any more
information on how to contact him, please pass it along to me. I would love
to express my appreciation for Nashville West to him and hear his current

If I get to meet Wayne, perhaps we can get an interview.

Sort of an indirect funny story about the Kentucky Colonels: I visited with
my brother recently and, during a discussion about music, happened to
mention how I had come under the spell of CW. My brother did not seem to
recognize the name, but when I mention the Colonels, he smiled and said
that he used to see them at the Ash Grove! It amazed me that of all the
people in the world I never imagined that my brother, unlike myself, had
seen Clarence play!

Best wishes and many thanks for the wonderful newsletter.

Phil Safier
Albuquerque, NM
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 97 17:57:50 UT
From: "Joyce Schoppe" 
To: colonels@ac.mbn.or.jp
Subject: Nashville West

Dear Etsuo,

As a member of the Nashville West band, I find the Clarence White Chronicles
to be very interesting and enjoyable.

That was a great time in my career. It was a pleasure to work with musicians
of such great talent.You have done a good job in telling the story.  I look
forward to future newsletters.


Wayne Moore
Email:  AmericanDrapery@msn.com
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 10:37:57 -0600
To: Etsuo Eito 
From: Pam & Richard Russell 
Subject: I'm a Pilgrim

Hello Etsuo,

You might want to let Clarence fans know that I've uploaded a live version
of "I'm a Pilgrim," recorded in August 1964 at the Foghorn in Baltimore, to
the Byrds' Nest.

The sound file, in mpeg format, is available at

It features Billy Ray on lead vocals (I think), Roland on tenor and
Clarence on baritone, as well as some great mandolin and guitar picking.


RICHARD & PAM RUSSELL                         Bradenton, Florida, USA
 rrussell@q-net.net                              russell@sptimes.com

      Home of the Byrds mailing list and Byrds' Nest home page

           T H E   M O S T   D E T A I L E D   B I O G R A P H Y
                                 o f
           C L A R E N C E   J O S E P H   W H I T E  (1944-1973)

                                               Data collected by  Harumi Goto
                                                         also by  Etsuo Eito
                                               Story composed by  Etsuo Eito

            ***   T h i s   I s   M y   D e s t i n y  (III) ***

                    -- continued from the last issue --

 1966          Clarence played country music with Roger and Bert for a few
               months at a dance hall in El Monte, CA.

               Teamed up the studio band for Bakersfield International label
               together with Gene Parsons and Gib Guilbeau.
                  (BIP-1003) "Tango For Sad Mood", "Tuff And Stringy"
                  (BIP-1008) "Grandma Funderbunk's Music Box","Riff Raff"

 Fall 1966     Clarence joined the recording session for "Gene Clark With
               Gosdin Brothers" at Columbia Records studio in Hollywood,CA.
 Late Fall     Toured around the southern California along with Godin Bros.
               as a member of the back-up band for Gene Clark.

 from Nov 28   Joined the recording session for the BYRDS "Younger Than
 to  Dec 1st   Yesterday" also at Columbia Records studio in Hollywood,CA.

 Dec 25,1966   The Kentucky Colonels appeared at the Ash Grove.
                   Roland, Eric, and Clarence White, and Bob Warford on
                   banjo, and Dennis Morse on rhythm guitar.

               Clarence would often go to "Jack of Diamonds" (in Palm Dale,
               CA.) where Gene Parsons played.

               Clarence bought himself the Fender Esquire.

 1967          The Kentucky Colonels recorded a demo tape (at the Second St.
               Sound Studio in Paramount,CA. produced by Dale Davis of the
               Shiloh Records), which was released as "SLP-4084  KENTUCKY
               COLONELS 1966" lately in 1978.
                   Roland White, Eric White, Clarence White, Bob Warfoard,
                   Dennis Morse, and Jimmy Crain on fiddle.

               Nashville West album was originally recorded at El Monte's
               Nashville West club by Gene Parsons' Sony Tape Recorder just
               for their fun one night early in 1967.  (SIERRA SXCD-6016)

               The Nashville West group also recorded another fine album
               titled "CAJUN COUNTRY  Gib Guilbeau with Nashville West".
 March 1967    The Kentucky Colonels appeared at the Ash Grove.  analog
 April  8      The Kentucky Colonels appeared at the Ash Grove.  DAT
 April 11      The Kentucky Colonels appeared at the Ash Grove.  analog
 April 14      The Kentucky Colonels appeared at the Ash Grove.  analog
 April 15      The Kentucky Colonels appeared at the Ash Grove   analog
 April 18      The Kentucky Colonels appeared at the Ash Grove   DAT

 May   1967    Roland joined Bill Monroe's Blue Grass Boys on guitar.
               The Kentucky Colonels disbanded again.

 from July 31  Clarence joined the recording session for the BYRDS  "THE

 Fall  1967    Clarence joined Gene Clark Group for a while.
               (Clarence[eg], John York[bs], Eddie Hoh[drs])

 Nov 29-30 '67  Recording Session at the Columbia Studio, Hollywood,CA.

               Clarence's D-18 was stolen when he joined a recording session
               in Hollywood,CA.

1968           Clarence White joined the Dillards (which Doug Dillard had
               left) for a short time after the Nashville West group had

04/15-17,1968  THE BYRDS "Sweetheart of Rodeo"
April 24,1968   Recording Session
May   27,1968   in Nashville, TN.

               Clarence joined the early Flying Burrito Brothers consisting
               of Chris Hillman,Gram Parsons,Gene Parsons,and Clarence White.
               They made three recording cuts with Eddie Tickner's financial

               Clarence appeared at the Monday Hootenany ( held at Troubador
               in L.A.) together with the Flying Burrito Brothers (Chris,
               Hillman,Gram Parsons,Bernie Leadon,Micheal Clarke)

July  1968     Clarence joined the Byrds.
                  Roger McGuin,Chris Hillman,Clarence White,Kevin Kelley)

August 3      They appreared at the First Annual Newport Pop Festival
  - 4, 1968   with Jefferson Airplain etc.

              One day in August, Gene Parsons had an audition to join the
              Byrds as a drummer at warehouse in Hollywood.
              Chris Hillman left the group three weeks later Gene had joined.

Sept 15,1968  The Byrds appeared at An American Music Show held at Rose Bowl,
              Pasadena, CA. with Joan Baez and Every Brothers etc.

September'68  John York joined the Byrds as a bassist.

15 & 16, '68  Recording Session

Nov 1-3,1968  They appeared at AVALON BALLROOM together with Taj Mahal.

Dec 31 1968
 to Jan 1,69  The Byrds appeared at KINETIC PLAYGROUND NEW YEAR EVE CONCERT
              in Chicago,IL.


               *****  to be continued to the next issue  *****
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