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I first saw Clarence play when I was playing with One Mans Family (Spanky & Our Gang), at Chicago's Arigon Ballroom in 1968. We were on the bill with The BYRDS. I had heard ABOUT Clarence, but now I had a chance to really see him right from the side of the stage. He was incredible. The first thing I noticed was how cool he dressed. He wore all these great western cloths that he bought at NUDIES RODEO TAILORS in North Hollywood...all custom made for him by the famed tailor, Manuel. Clarence stood perfectly still on stage..never smiling with his face hidden behind a shag beatle haircut and a beard & mustach. He played that old Tele which Marty Stewart now owns. I remember The Byrds being VERY loud...but Clarences playing that night changed the way I played forever. A year later, when I formed Swampwater with Gib Guilbeau, I became good friends with all the Byrds..Roger, Clarence, Gene, and Skip. We ran with them both in town and on tour together. Clarence often stopped by my house in Hollywood when he was in the neighborhood..and we had a great time during those years. We played a number of practical jokes on each other as well. Clarence also threw some of his session work my way. Like the Katie Taylor album "SISTER KATE." Katie was James Taylor's sister. I got to work on that with Carol King & Bernie Leadon. Also, Swampwater and Clarence & Gene used to jam alot. When we were off the road we used to get together at a club in Palmdale California called THE JACK OF DIAMONDS and play solid country music all night. Sometime the Musicians Union would fine us..but we continued. WE also played together at the Asgrove in Los Angelse. At that club one night, we all got on stage together..Ronstadt, Clarence, Gene and Swampwater. I have a picture of it hanging in my studio today. You can see part of that picture in the next issue of RELIX MAGAZINE in a feature they're doing on me. You'll see me, Linda, and part of Clarence behind me. Clarence was a very special guy. A wonderful person to be with..a great sense of humore, and a great great guitarist. It was Clarence who introduced me to GRAM PARSONS at a session back in '72. An ironic meeting. I remember when he died..he was loading a REEM AMPLIFIER that I had been using with Swampwater into a car after working at a club in Palmdale with Gib. I couldnt believe he was gone..It was a big funeral..I can still hear everyone singing FARTHER ALONG at the cemetary Everyone was there..KRISTOFFERSON, RITA COOLIGE, BERNIE LEADON, GENE, GIB, ERIC, ROLAND, as well as GRAM PARSONS. In a twist of fate, Gram died shortly after. Those are my memories of Clarence. Hope you liked them. Stay in touch! JOHN BELAND / FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS

Date: Sat, 15 May 1999 From: To: > Did Clarence play on the great Swampwater album(King label) ? No, Clarence did not play on the Swampwater King LP. That was just the four of us. However, he, GENE PARSONS and Linda Ronstadt did write the liner notes for that album. By the way, that album has been re-released through ONE WAY RECORDS out of New York. Thanks Koji. Stay in touch. Your Friend John Beland / FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS

Date: Mon, 03 May 1999 From: Jason Odd My name is Jason Odd and I am an Australian based writer currently working on a book about country-rock and the more alternative offshoots of country and folk music. A healthy part of this will be about the Californian music scene, notably Bakersfield and related scenes like that of Las Vegas. Especially artists who worked those areas. I have some information that may be of interest to you. After talking to Hap Arnold, who was Wynn Stewart's bass player and band leader for the Tourists. He told me who played on the Yours Forever (ST-324) album, released: 1969 Producer: Ken Nelson, Earl Ball was the P & R man and sitting in the control room, Were guests Glen Cambell, Bonnie Owens,Cliffy Stone who owned central Songs at the time. The Musicians playing on the album: Tourists members Hap Arnold on bass guitar, Kenny Sanderson on drums, Jimmy pierce on piano and the groups guitarist and newest member Hap Arnold only sang harmony vocals to Wynn's lead. The recordings were augmented with: Clarence White and James Burton on lead guitar, Al Bruno on rythum guitar and lead guitar, Earl Ball and on piano. It took me a while, but there you go. Clarence playing sessions for Capitol Records, hope this is of some interest. All the best, Jason.

From: Jason Odd Date: 07 May 1999
Dear Koji Kihara, Oh I made a small mistake, near the end I wrote that Hap Arnold was the newest member, not true! It was Jody Payne, who was the newest, an old friend of Hap's who was drafted into the Tourists as lead and rythm guitarist, although he only got to sing backing harmony vocals for the sessions, as there was plenty of top rate guitarists already there CLARECE, JAMES and AL.
Also of interest, German label 'Bear Family' are planning to release a box set of Wynn Stewart's coplete sessions from 1954-1985, which will include these 1969 sessions with Clarence White. All the best Jason

Date: Sun, 09 May 1999 From: Jason Odd
Hi Koji, It's Jason Odd again, further Clarence White sessions: JOHNNY DARRELL California Stop Over {1970 } United Artists. Johnny was born Eddie Ray White, 1940 in Hopewell, Alabama. By 1964 a country performer in Nashville and signed to United Artists. He recorded in a country pop style and before recording this album in L.A he had already recorded six albums for United Artists between 1966 and 1969, in Nashville. This album, recorded circa 1969 in L.A, definately featured Clarence White on guitar, while future Swampwater member John Beland observed in the studio. He had been invited to the session by Larry Murray who co-produced the album with Dick Rosmini. For this project Darrell recorded songs by Californian songwriters like Jackson Browne, Larry Murray and Lowell George. All the best Jason

Roland and Clarence White home movie available

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  Dear Subscribers,

  The following information was posted in the BGRASS-L Digest July 22, 1988
  Special Issue. It will be surely a "must item" for Clarence's serious fans.

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> Date:    Wed, 22 Jul 1998 13:40:09 -0500
> From:    Diane Bouska 
> Subject: Roland and Clarence White home movie available
> This is for Kentucky Colonels/Clarence White fans only--others, sorry for
> the interruption.  Roland has a video of a 1957 home movie of himself and
> his brothers Eric and Clarence and friends playing music at a family picnic
> in an L.A. park.  It's 3 minutes long, is in color, and has the song "The
> Last Thing On My Mind" as a soundtrack (with permission from all involved)
> because the original home movie was silent.  This is not a performance
> video or an instructional video--just a nostalgic glimpse of these guys
> back in 1957, playing their instruments.  Their mother, Mildred, and
> sisters Joann and Rosemarie (a toddler then) are there, along with Rich
> Wilbar and Johnny Olesh, who made the video from the movie footage.
> Roland's selling copies of these for $12.00 including postage--for more
> info and ordering address see or email
> roland at

  All for now.

  Your Friend,

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              Diane Bouska 
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Yes, it's pretty hot and humid here too.  
I'm glad you enjoyed the video.  I enjoyed seeing
them as young men (boys actually) since I have only 
known Roland in the early 80's.  I never met Clarence.
We've all see still pictures from back then, but it's
not the same as a living, breathing color movie.
The little girl with the football in the movie is
Roland's sister Rosemarie.  I'm her age! 


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Clarence White Tribute Magazines

- The 25th anniversary of his death -

1. Flatpicking Guitar Magazine : July / august 1998

This issue is a special tribute to the legendary Clarence White. I hope that all of you Clarence White fans will enjoy the many aspects of Clarence's guitar playing that we have presented in this issue. we would like to thanks David Grier, Roland White, and John Delgatto for all their help and expertise.

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3. Moon Shiner : July 1998 No.15-9

Bluegrass journal (Japanese only). Clarence tribute liner and interview with Roland White by Sab Watanabe.

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