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CWC New Release Info THE GOSDIN BROTHERS CD on Big Beat label

=============================================================== From: "Alec Palao" To: Subject: Gosdins Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 01:00:05 -0700 (Etsuo - FYI - spread the word!) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - THE GOSDIN BROTHERS "SOUNDS OF GOODBYE" Reissue Producer: Alec Palao Available: October 2003 Big Beat announces the forthcoming and most eagerly anticipated volume of its acclaimed vintage country-rock reissue programme, past instalments of which have anthologised Guilbeau & Parsons and Clarence White. We now take great pride in presenting the first-ever retrospective devoted to The Gosdin Brothers, a duo best known as the launch pad for future country superstar Vern Gosdin, but in hindsight one of the finest and unwittingly cutting edge acts of the late 1960s Bakersfield country rock renaissance. The Gosdin Brothers 1968 album "Sounds Of Goodbye" is nowadays regarded as one of the most satisfying blends of country, pop and folk-rock that the era produced, yet because at the time it was aimed at the country market rather than the hip scene, the record, and indeed the acts importance, has been overshadowed by the frankly more copy-worthy Byrds and Burritos. As charter members of the country rock brotherhood that included Clarence White, Gib Guilbeau and Gene Parsons - all of whom provided the sparkling musical support for the duos studio recordings - Vern and Rex Gosdin brought a knowing savvy to the music that was tempered by the innocent freshwater sensibilites of their stunning harmonies, and the unsurpassed warmth of Verns lead vocal. With its array of fine songs, and sympathetic production by maverick Gary Paxton, "Sounds Of Goodbye" is a true jewel of early country rock. Paxton had steered the Gosdins to success in the country field with the 1967 hit "Hangin' On", but the popularity of this plaintive country ballad obscured the fact that Vern and Rex had shared management and toured with the Byrds for two years prior, most famously contributing to Gene Clarks eponymous solo LP, but also recording superb folk-rock of their own, on obscure singles and unissued sessions. This compilation collects together the contents of the "Sounds Of Goodbye" album and its attendant non-LP Bakersfield International sides, along with unreleased material and esoteric singles, including the Gosdins legendary Edict 45. Produced by Chris Hillman, this record was cut in December 1966, features accompaniment from Hillman, Michael Clarke and Clarence White, and is thereby tantamount to an outtake from Genes LP or even "Younger Than Yesterday". Additionally, we are most proud to include a previously unknown outtake from the session, "Tell Me", the jaw-dropping final thirty seconds of which are concrete proof that technically and melodically, Clarence was already in a class of his own on electric guitar. Yep, it's that good. As with the previous volumes, the package comes with lengthy liner notes detailing the career of the Gosdins in the mid-1960s, with contributions from those involved, and plenty of visuals too. TRACKLISTING 1. SOUNDS OF GOODBYE 2. TELL ME* 3. THERE MUST BE A SOMEONE 4. WOMAN'S DISGRACE 5. MULTIPLE HEARTACHES 6. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT 7. THE VICTIM 8. UNCOMMITTED MAN* 9. CATCH THE WIND 10. SHE'S GONE 11. NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO 12. HANGIN' ON 13. WISHIN'* 14. LOUISIANA MAN 15. I'LL LIVE TODAY* 16. FOR US TO FIND 17. ONE HUNDRED YEARS FROM NOW 18. BOWLING GREEN 19. I'LL LIVE WITH GOD* 20. THE FIRST TIME 21. LOVE OF THE COMMON PEOPLE 22. SHE STILL WISHES I WERE YOU 23. HAD A LOT OF FRIENDS 24. LET IT BE ME* * previously unissued. All tracks recorded 1966-68

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