Clarence White

Clarence White on "Rusty Dean"

This album was released in 1969 ( Alshire S-5122 ).
The backband on this album is "Nashville West" and "Rusty Dean" is Gary Paxton's stage name for the country singer. Another version of "Sweet Mental Revenge" is heard on The Nasheville West's LP"Nashville West"(Sierra/Briar SRS-8701).
I think that "Bakersfield international" label's recordings are included many "Alshire international" label's records, Liken (Gib)Guilbeau & (Gene)Parsons's single(Bakersfield International BIP-1001) is same take on the Alshire's LP "Cajun-Country"(Alshire S-5121).

                                                                  Koji Kihara 

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