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Historical time at A-bomb Dome (Genbaku dome)

Computer Graphics of high school students.
Data offered by Interior club, Miyajima technical High School.
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1945.8.5 12:00
At this time America already made preparation for dropping the A-bomb, because Japan had refused to sign thr Potsdam declaration.
1945.8.5 18:00
The A-bomb termed "Little boy" was loaded into the bomber B-29 "Enola Gay" and prepared for launch.
1945.8.5 23:00
A reconnaissance plane leaves ahead of the "Enola Gay".
1945.8.6 3:00
The "Enola Gay" with the A-bomb on board leaves Tinian base in the Marian islands.
1945.8.6 6:00
Nobody in Hiroshima knew Atomic bomb was dropped on that day.
1945.8.6 7:15
Due to the weather conditions, Hiroshima is selected as the first target.
1945.8.6 8:15
"Little boy" has a length of 3m, an axial diameter of 76 cm and weight 4 ton. 43 seconds after its release it detonates at an altitude of 580 m above Hiroshima.
1945.8.6 8:15
The explosion causes a fire ball with a diameter of 280 m. Maxiimum temperature in the center surpasse several million degree celsius and on its surface reaches about 4,000 degree.
1945.8.6 8:15
The flash lasted an estimated 1.4 seconds.
Thus, thee surface temperature on the ground exceeded the melting point of iron by far and reached approximately 4,000 degree celsius.
Everything within a radius of 3 km is set spontaneously on fire. The fire spreads over the whole city, which is almost completely burnt down within 1 day.
Mainly northwest of Hiroshima radioactive rain begins to fall. This is now known as the black rain, that made people suffer for the following decades.
At nightfall the blue flames of fires for the dead bodies lighten the destroyed city.
1945.8.6 A voice escapes the swollen lips and the eroded, burnt face, saying:"Please, help me!"
This is a human being. This is a human face.
From "This is a human being" by Tamaki Hara
Professor Masa Tsuzuki and a group of researchers spread after their arrival at the scene out through the area to unvestigate the degree of damage.

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