What is FreeNoteQt ?

FreeNoteQt is image notebook style application.
(without libsl.) ... maybe.(^^;

GPL license.

downloads here.(latest version ver1.12.0)

Main View:


function shortcut overview
mode shortcut overview
draw D Freehand drawing.
auto format F The background becomes a grid state and be making near the drawing by freehand and format to polygonal lines.
(1).You draw lines along the center of grids. (2).The automatic format is run after pen off.
auto curve C The background becomes a grid state and be making near the drawing by freehand and format to curves.
Example 1:brace

Example 2:ellipse

End point makes to the start point same grid.

smooth S Freehand lines smooth with near Bezier curve.
text T Tap the grid, FreeNote shows the TextBox.

When push O.K. and TextBox is closed the text is drawn.
Font size is initialized from pen size.
#The thickness of the line of 2pt over is bound to the same font size(16pt) in SL-A300.
*only 10pt font become designation of only with the text box.

    There is the following thing for other function.
  • tap the text, you can edit text.
  • dragging text to move.
  • if text is empty, FreeNote deletes text.
eraser E Erase lines and texts.
The erase function is run with operation 2 phase.
(1).dragging to select.(selection is gray)
(2).pen off and wait a moment, then the selection is decided.(dash-line frame appears)
(3).hit Ok/Space/Enter to delete selection.

*drag(snap on grid) or direction-key(detail) to move.

color picker P change color from tapped pixcel.

1-8 change pen size.

*in Erase mode, selection pen size change.(except textbox)

- shows function palette.

this function offered other support application.

Ctrl+F Search TextBoxes by keyword.
FreeNote shows FindDialog
Input keyword and click Prev/Next button to search TextBoxes.
Check RegExp checkbox to serch by regal expression pattern.

Ctrl+M show maximized
Normalize Ctrl+R show normal
- shows color selector dialog.

num. name overview
(1) basic color palette shortcut selector.
tap to select color & close dialog.
(2) HUE control move to change color palette.
(3) color palette. tap to select color.
(4) selected color. display color selected now.
(5) RGB RGB value of selected color. change value to change selected color.
check checkbox to switch Brush mode.
Brush mode fill polygon.(without TEXT mode)
*in Erase mode, selection color change.
checkbox switches selection brush mode.

Ctrl+C copy.
*Erase mode only.

Ctrl+V *Erase mode:

*Other mode:
paste from clipboard.

Ctrl+I import other .free file into clipboard.
paste to use data.

Ctrl+Z remove last object.
*in Erase mode, it works restore objects to entering Erase mode.

Ctrl+Y cancel undo.
in Erase mode, it not works.
*if you draws new object clear undo status.

Tab shows all objects.
Tap to jump position.

OK/Space/Enter New line.
in Erase mode, do Delete.

Ctrl+T shows OptionDialog.
tab function overview
AutoScroll scroll timing(ms) you released pen for a while, FreeNote runs automatic scroll.
setting autoscroll start timing.
scroll steps(pixels) autoscroll step setting.
scroll margin(1/n) autoscroll working area setting.
AutoFormat grid_size(pixels) setting grid size.
format angles(degree) for Liner, for Curve, both angles using auto formatting algorithm.
Eraser small size(pixels) eraser size setting.
large size(pixels) eraser size for pensize over 4pt setting.
Toolbar Quit Quickly check to silent quit.
on/off toolbutton on/off setting.
PDF Encode choose encoding in PDF. in Europe, use WinAnsiEncoding.
Font choose basefont in FreeNoteQt. in Europe, use Helvetica.
ColorRevision color revision in 65535colors change to TrueColor.
Tool Name name in menu.
Script running application script.
freenote has the following special key word.
%filesave and use the filename.
%pdfexport PDF and use the filename.
%pngexport PNG and use the filename.
%tmpfilesave to temporary file and use the filename.
%tmppdfexport PDF to temporary file and use the filename.
%tmppngexport PNG to temporary file and use the filename.
%newfilesave to autonaming file and use the filename.
%newpdfexport PDF to autonaming file and use the filename.
%newpngexport PNG to autonaming file and use the filename.

wkdir work dir for %newfile, %newpdf, %newpng.
if wkdir is nothing then use home.
using %newfile, %newpdf, %newpng, make a new file everytime.
you should designate the wkdir that you can manage for a stable operation.
Colors Selection Set Color for Line, Brush or Selection Frame in Edit mode.
Guide Set Color for Ruler, Scroll Guide or Grid.

this function offered other support application.
Layer -
function shortcut overview

Ctrl+B show layer manager.
button overview
Name selected layer name.
Add add layer.
DEL delete layer.
UP move layer to above.
DOWN move layer to below.
ON switch layer visible.
+ visible layers integrate to 1.
*remark! undo impossible.

move above
A move current layer to above.

move below
Z move current layer to below.

add layer
Ctrl+A add layer.
tiny paging mode Ctrl+T switch to multi page mode.
Scroll -
kinds overview

autoscroll on/off.
Use all quadrant fixed origin on/off.
show Ruler show ruler in Draw or Smooth mode.
Horizontal scrolls horizontal direction.
Vertical scrolls vertical direction.
Both scrolls horizontal and vertical directions.
File -
function shortcut overview

Ctrl+N new canvas.

Ctrl+L clear canvas.

Ctrl+S overwrite file.
save As - save as new filename.

Ctrl+O load file.
Export -
function shortcut overview

Ctrl+P export to PDF format.(sample)

Ctrl+E export to PNG format.
save widh pdf - export to PDF format with saving.
Quit ESC quit FreeNoteQt.
*window's (x) button ignore.
About - shows AboutDialog.

there are the following commands that supported QCOP.
function overview
setPenSize(int) set pen size.(1-8)
setup() reload settings.
modeChanged(int) change mode
1:auto format
2:auto curve
changeColor(int,int,int) set pen color.(RGB color)
find() search TEXT.
undo() undo.
redo() cancel undo.
erase() selection delete(in Erase mode)
copy() selection copy(in Erase mode)
paste() paste.
clear() clear document
CR() line feed.
setViewMode(int) change zoom
0:zoom off
1:zoom in
load(QString) load document.
import(QString) import document.
save(QString) save document.
exportPDF(QString) export to PDF
exportPNG(QString) export to PNG
tool(int) launch other ap.(1-8)

beta version.

1.11.12Bpre [ipk] [src(comment in japanese)] color picker

stable version.

1.12.0 [ipk] [src(comment in japanese)] function equals 1.11.12Bpre.
1.10.0 [ipk] [src(comment in japanese)] function equals 1.9.3pre.

notice:Tested on SL-A300 and SL-C760(Japanese Model).
Here is a

support tool
name overview running
program version comment
FNViewer freenote viewer. SL-Zaurus [ipk]/[src] ver 1.3
FNFloatingPalette function palette for FreeNoteQt. SL-Zaurus [ipk]/[src] ver 0.1


2005/07/13 ver1.12.0
2005/06/10 ver1.11.12Bpre
2005/06/08 ver1.11.12Apre
2005/06/05 ver1.11.12pre
2005/06/02 ver1.11.11pre
2005/04/01 ver1.11.10Dpre
2005/03/20 ver1.11.10Cpre
2005/03/18 ver1.11.10Bpre
2005/03/04 ver1.11.10Apre
2005/03/04 ver1.11.10pre
2005/01/28 ver1.11.9pre
2005/01/19 ver1.11.8pre
2005/01/17 ver1.11.7pre
2004/11/24 ver1.11.0pre
2004/10/18 ver1.10.0
2004/08/29 ver1.9.3Apre
2004/07/31 ver1.9.2pre
2004/05/24 ver1.9.1Apre
2004/02/27 ver1.9.0Apre, 1.8.1A(bug fix)
2004/02/27 ver1.9.0pre
2004/02/21 ver1.8.1
2004/02/20 ver1.8.0
2004/02/18 ver1.7.3pre.
2004/02/16 english version manual.