what is FNViewer
it is the FreeNoteQt private viewer.

downloads here.
file mode
view mode

num. overviw
(1) file tub.
change to file mode.
(2) view tub.
change to view mode.
when the file is selected, indicates the file.
(3) tap to refresh file list.
(4) folder selector.
initial value refers to the FreeNoteQt's configuration.
when there is no setting file, / is selected.
(5) sort list by name.
(6) sort list by date.
(7) file list of selected folder.
when file is selected, OK/Enter/Space key to change view mode & indicates.
(8) indicate selected file.
input gesture in this mode to run assigned function.
function below is supported.

function key overview
Next down indicates the next file.
Prev up indicates the previous file.
New Ctrl+N create the new file & send to FreeNoteQt.
Rename Ctrl+R rename file.
Delete Ctrl+D delete file.
Launch Ret/OK/Space(only view mode) send to FreeNoteQt.
show Filetab - change to file mode.
Zoom - switch Zoom
drag to move sight.
when zooming, accepts only Zoom gesture.
About Ctrl+A show about
Reload - reload file.
Close ESC close to FNViewer.

1.3 [ipk] [src]

2005/06/08 FNViewer 1.3.
2005/01/19 FNViewer 1.2.
2005/01/14 FNViewer 1.1 published.