About building the
New Holocaust Education Center, Japan

Now, the Holocaust Education Center, Japan is proceeding the plan of building the new buidling.
Since the dedication in June 1995, we have welcomed over 76,000 visitors from in and outside Japan (as of September 2006). The number of visitors was much more than we expected since the opening, and as large groups with the number of more than 100 people visited our center one after another, we have been feeling the neccessity of building a larger facitily.
Under such situation, in order to build a new center, acquisition of the new land, planning of the building went on, and now we have begun to construct it.
The dedication of the new Holocaust Education Center is scheduled to be in end of September 2007. Please look forward for the completion!
-- Location: It will be build on a nearby new land, about 300 meters to South from the present location.
-- The Exhibition: The space of the exhibition will be approx. three times larger. The exhibition itself will be also newly developed. A new exhibition section about Otto Frank, who was the origin of HEC's establishment, and Anne Frank will be set up. A room which will introduce the room of Anne in the hiding place will be also set up.
-- New Artifacts: New artifacts such as "Otto Frank's typwriter" will be exhibited. There will be many other artifacts related to Anne's family, and the Holocaust.
-- Lecture Hall: There will be a lecture hall, where the visitors can listen to the introduction and watch video programs, which can seat 120 people.
-- Other rooms: There will be Audio Visual/Library room, a room for children's activity, etc.
-- Garden of Anne Frank's Rose: In the southern part of the area, there will be a garden fo Anne Frank's Rose. A statue of Anne will be waiting for you.

Design, Supervision:UID Architect & Associates
Construction : Nakashima Kogyo