Holocaust Education Center

This center is the first peace education center for children on the Holocaust, ever established in Japan. The word "Holocaust" literally means "massacre by fire". It is used to represent the progressive phases of the persecution of Jews executed by the Nazis, starting from social injustice and discrimination and leading to indescribable cruelty, torture and massacre. More than 12 million people were murdered by the Nazis, during World War II and among them were 6 million Jews. The Nazis planned to exterminate Jewish people systematically. We learn from history that children have always been the victims of the vicious plans of adults. During the Holocaust more then 1,500,000 Jewish children were killed.

This center is dedicated to those countless children who were ripped of their hope, their future and their lives. It displays items contributed by Holocaust centers in the United States, Australia, European countries, and Israel and by many individual survivors who voluntarily cooperated so that the world would know what they had been through. These items are the witness of the period and each one unfolds the darkest era of the Holocaust. "The Holocaust Education Center" is located in Fukuyama-city, forty-five minutes from Hiroshima City where the atomic bomb was dropped fifty years ago, and one hour and ten minutes from Osaka. We hope that the center will contribute in deepening the understandings of the period and will help enhance awareness for world peace among young people.

(1) Location & Address
815 Nakatsuhara, Miyuki, Fukuyama-City,
Hiroshima-pref. 720-0004 Japan
(2) Phone & FAX : (+81)84-955-8001
(3)E-mail : hecjpn@urban.ne.jp
1F : Library, Hall & Gallery, Children's Room and Anne's Rose Garden
2F : Exhibition Room, Remembrance Room, Temporary Exhibition Room
(5) Open
Tuesday to Saturday, 10:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
(Closed on Sunday, Monday, National Holidays and Aug.13-16, Dec.27-Jan.5)
(6) Free admission
(7) Reservations are solicited for a group visit.

Main Items on Display

(1) "Holocaust Education Center" displays the following items:
Remnants and other materials related to Holocaust
Art work (paintings and others) which depict Holocaust
Documents related to Holocaust
Letters written by people who were involved in Holocaust
(Including messages from survivors to Japanese children)
Valuable photographs of children at the time of Holocaust
Video & Music tapes on Holocaust
Displayed items are periodically altered, but we will lease materials (excluding items of special value) and provide information upon request.
(2) All the materials and art work of the time preserved in the center were donated out of good will from over twenty countries.