Message from Director General

January, 2005
Dear Friends of the World,
Since the establishment in 1995, the Holocaust Education Center, Japan has kept itfs  activities as an educational center, which has been teaching the Holocaust especially to the young generations in Japan. More than nine hundred schools had first dealt with the Holocaust to study human rights, discrimination, and peace, and many students have received deep impressions.   
We welcome many students from various areas of Japan, and there are times that we have about 150 to 250 students visiting our center at one time. We have felt that our center has become too small in space to introduce the Holocaust from many aspects to so many students, and have decided to make a new building at a nearby land, and are now in the process of designing the structure.
There are only about thousand Jewish people living in Japan, and there are hardly any Holocaust survivors. If you would let us know if there is anyone who could support us by donating the items used in the days of the Holocaust as written below, we would be so happy, and believe that the items will give the Japanese people, especially the children, a deep understanding towards Jewish people and the Jewish history.
-- Items used from 1930fs to 1940fs:
Bags / Shoes / Identification Cards / Clothes / Socks / Toys / Dolls / Picture Books / Items like Posters and Books Used for Anti-Semitic Propaganda / Hats / Glasses / Writings / Photos of Families
-- Bricks of the ghettos / Rail of Poland railways
The Holocaust Education Center, Japan will exhibit the items that would be kindly presented, and show them to school children, and will remember the names of the families forever. I really appreciate your cooperation in advance.
       We will be looking forward for your warm responds.
May Adonai bless and protect you all. Shalom

Yours sincerely,

Makoto Otsuka
Director General
Holocaust Education Center, Japan